Back for initial investigation after being cleared for over 10 years

I have seen similar questions asked elsewhere, but they are a little dated and my circumstances are slightly different.

I have been cleared with a TS/SCI (w/FSP) for more than 10 years. (Initial clearance was granted in 2007.) After the Covid debacle, I took a leave of absence to take care of my kid. Long story short, while looking for a new job, I discovered that my clearance wouldn’t cross to any new contracts and that I had submitted for an initial investigation. According to the security folks, my clearance was still active, but required adjudication before it would cross.

My new BI was completed in early September 2020 and I have just been scheduled for a FSP. So, what is next in the process? Assuming results of the poly are favorable, any idea how long before I am adjudicated? Am I looking at weeks…months? I know Covid has delayed things, so I’m just looking for an estimated based on normal circumstances.