Clearance after job ended

  1. If someone has a TS/SCI with full scope poly…can they carry it to a completely new role with a different client/agency–or would it have to be reinstated?

  2. Is a clearance only considered “active” while your working? Once you stop working, does it become “inactive” or “current”, etc.?

  3. If you have a TS, what is the process to obtain an SCI?

I’ll take a first crack at it:

  1. It depends, welcome to clearance reciprocity issues…
    Although SEAD 7 says one thing, some customers will want to redo their own investigation. Some might accept the poly/investigation but will re-adjudicate you. Some will want their own poly. Some will accept and transfer the clearance/poly…

  2. Generally the case.
    Most company will keep you in access while you are working for them. After you leave / get debriefed, your clearance can be re-instated within 2 years of becoming ‘current’ .

  3. If they have a sponsor/billet available and you have a need for the access, they’ll put you in for one. Your most recent investigation will get re-adjudicated as SCI, and you’ll then get briefed.

Thanks rocket…much appreciated. I recruit solely cleared candidates and these questions have always been left partially unanswered until now (now I know why as it depends on the specific situation).