How does a current clearance reactivation work?

I left a cleared position at the TS/SCI level in September 2021. I was cleared through a DoD agency. Recently, I accepted a position, also at the TS/SCI level. They told me my start date is Aug. 14. The recruiter for my position told me on the phone that his security personnel said that I’m “active and good to go on DISS.” So… Do I just show up on Aug. 14th, get read back in, and proceed as if I’m actively cleared again?

Sorry, but any guidance as to how this active —> current —> reinstatement process works in practice would be great.


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If you were in good standing from the time you separated until the new job starts and its within 2yrs, you should be all set. Any issues that may need investigation within that 2yr period may have worked against you as it had to be resolved. Consider yourself lucky that the timing worked out well. You could always reach out to the FSO and just confirm your clearance, etc transfers over with no issues. Good luck!

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Thank you! I should have said that the clearance is being picked up by the DoD again, so hopefully there are no issues with reciprocity/crossover.

Was just talking to a guy who had been out of the cleared world for nearly three years and they picked up his SCI access with no reinvestigation and no new poly. This was for the same customer he had previously supported as a contractor. So it does happen.

Ive heard of people going more than two years and having a secret clearance reinstated quickly, but this was the first instance of it happening for SCI access.

I am admittedly a little nervous because I plan to put in my two weeks tomorrow, seeing as I start my new gig on Aug. 14. It’s a fairly large contractor so I trust their word obviously, and I don’t think they’d offer me if they thought I would have any issues with reinstatement, but I’m still nervous I’ll show up on day one and they’ll tell me something went awry with my clearance.

Would it be worth trying to contact the FSO just to double check and hear it for myself? Or is it all good?