Existing TS-SCI

Hi All. Currently possess active TS/SCI. Org clearance granted by an agency whom I left 3 years ago (to work for a defense contractor) and now returning back to original agency.

Timeline: CJO in Jan, No BI interview, however received calls from security to respond to few questions; Psych and Poly (passed) in March. Now it appears I may be in adjudication.

As an already cleared individual returning back to this agency, thoughts on how long adjudication may last before an FJO is extended?

Thank you!

Hard to say with any confidence… but one question, just to clarify: are you going back as a direct hire government employee? If so, some places may handle this as a “reinstatement” which (in my limited exposure to such things) does seem to go more quickly than a completely new clearance, especially if you continued in an “active” status while you were a contractor.

If in fact you are returning as a government employee, don’t forget that even after security is finished, then HR still has to go through whatever it is they do, and then you have to work out a start date that lines up with whatever inprocessing is required. All that can add a couple more weeks.

So… my crystal ball (non-digital and a little hazy) says look for a start date in June.

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Clear crystal ball, thanks for your insight. Yes this would be direct hire and reinstatement def sounds way to go, although would they be applicable if I was at this IC agency for only a year before I headed out? Prior this agency, I was with another Fed for 11 years. So in general, think I’ve got reinstatement ability with Feds.

I hope this is the end of the process after the poly/psych. Looks like BI interview is not needed (I was submitted for automatic redetermination with my current firm back in oct).

When I asked the polygrapher re next steps, even he was stumped, noting that I’ve already been with the agency. Recruiter mentioned adjudication phase with no other details regarding timeline. Do recruiters have any other insight?