Medical Disqualification Cause? How to find out?


I started work at a new employer in March 2022. My TS was transferred to a new customer billet quickly and easily but my SCI ran into some issues as it was transferring to a different customer billet than my TS. Back in August 2022 I started an investigation for my SCI after the crossover from my old agency to the new customer was flagged. I went for a medical screening with said new customer after completing my Poly/BI in Feb of 2023. I was just notified today that the customer has discontinued my clearance processing due to “medical disqualification” based on information I provided or was obtained during processing. Apparently, this decision was made back in Feb of 2023 but it took my company until this month to discover this. None of my current clearances were affected by this so I know it was not drug related. My TS is currently held on a separate customer billet and my SCI is still held with my old employer.

I was hoping anyone would know how if I could discover to cause of this. The customer has told my company they cannot disclose any more info to them do to HIPAA but I was wondering how I could go about getting more information myself. The customer did say there was no disputing this decision and I could resubmit in a year time (so Fed 2024)