Fired from my job with TS/SCI for performance reasons

Hi all, I was just fired from my job with TS/SCI for performance reasons, mostly not getting along with my govt boss, and I am a contractor. My clearance was TS/SCI was reinvestigated successfully and closed about 6 months ago and I am in continuous vetting.

  1. Does anyone know if being fired in this way would affect anything with my clearance?

  2. How long can I go without a job while keeping my clearance active?
    (My understanding it was up to 2 years with a TS/SCI without actively using it but I am not sure if that changes under continuous vetting.)

thanks for the help in this bad situation

Do you have any documentation (like a letter) that you were terminated? Just being let go for performance reasons shouldn’t be a problem as far as your clearance is concerned. Now, if there were any incidents of conflict with the govt boss that were written up or reported to your previous employer, that could be an issue.

And as far as the two year thing goes, I think that is still correct. Having a recent investigation should be a big help.

Nothing from my company yet on that note.

Before I goto my FSO with questions, does anyone have any idea if they would indicate on my clearance history that I was fired from this position or just that my SCI eligibility ended?

Using the information you provided, you would report you were terminated because you lost the SCI clearance.

I did not lose my clearance prior to being terminated. My clearance is still active and I will be read off next week. I was terminated as they were unhappy with my performance.

Then you would simply report the termination.

yes thats correct. I spoke to my boss and my clearance should be fine.