Lose SCI but keep TS

Hi, pretty new to this board and found some great information so far.

I held a TS/SCI clearance with the AF for 15 years and when I got out I transferred to a contract roll and had to take a FS poly. I was told that the agency was better with what they know then what they don't.  So, when my investigator asked if I had anything to talk about before we started,  I let some things go. One was a one time prostitution,  hard drug use 3 times, and 1 mj use. All done under poor judgment while highly intoxicated.  

I ended up getting kicked out of my building and went through the 3 appeal attempts and eventually lost my SCI. I have completely changed my career knowing I’ll never probably work for the IC again, but I find myself in my new career and having a clearance greatly ups my chances of getting a job and for more money.

I was under the impression that my TS was gone as well but just this week I was informed that there still hasn't been a decision made (almost a year after they took my SCI).  My TS investigation was being done by dodcaf and not the other agency. I did an interview back in June to go over all the information with them for 4 hours about all the stuff I said during my poly(which I'm told i passed). They just came back this week and asked for a signed affidavit and to ask a couple more questions.  

My question is, is there any chance I keep my TS and is there any chance charges are brought against me for lying on my sf86?

For some reason the formatting in your message is all messed up. How long ago was the incidents with the drugs and prostitutes? Was it while holding a clearance? The issue might be that the local authority took away your SCI and its making its way up to revoke your TS.

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Yeah, I have no clue why it did that. The prostitution was almost 4 years and the drugs was 4 years and more. It was while holding a clearance.

It could be too recent. This may be the reason it was yanked.

Do you think there’s a chance I keep my TS?

I have no idea what the criteria is for keeping it in this case.