TS/SCI Poly change on SF86

Hello! In mid-2021 I was granted TS/SCI (federal contractor #1). Really easy BI, no findings, took 18 months. I was never called for a poly although coworkers were?

Flash forward to today. I have recently resigned federal contractor #1 and accepted a position with federal contractor #2. It was my understanding that my clearance would transfer over? I was informed last week I need to submit a new SF86 because I will need to poly. No big deal, I have my SF86 from 2020 that I can just copy over and tweek. CPSO says it is a new requirement to have a poly scheduled. No problem, they pay the bills.

Here is where it gets interesting! I’m toddling along filling out my new forms and I realize there is an omission! What? Sh*t; however, I personally can see how it happened. It would fall in the controlled substance arena. I have 1 child that is on the Autism Spectrum with ADHD and one child that is just ADHD. I have used their medication before and it helped me when I really needed to concentrate. In my research I learned there is a genetic link and realized my apples didn’t fall far from this tree. I quickly went to the doctor and after a series of tests I was diagnosed. I currently have a prescription for a controlled substance but I understand this does not negate the omission in 2020. I have no history of illegal drug abuse, alcohol abuse etc. In 2020 my brain was saying “yeah duh - not me!”.

I thought, this is easy. I will just update my SF86 with explanation. Until … I started reading topics here and now I’m crapping myself! A brand new job, I’m going to look like such a rockstar. I will obviously have a change in the data on the SF86. Will the poly see that it was an omission from before (yes). Poly’s allow for yes or no. They do not allow for this is how it happened.

I’m an idiot. Looking for any thoughts from folks with experience.

Thank you

Any update on this? How did it go explaining to them the omission ?