Cleared employee, upgrade to TS Poly, briefed on finances/drug use submits SF86 indicating recent use

Things that make you shake your head.

Excellent employee. Cleared Secret. Wants full time work, willing to undergo TS Full Scope Poly BI. I brief and screen all employees before submission. I make clear the ramifications of drug use (prior to clearing or while cleared) or negative financial info. Why? Because I don’t want to lose people in the process. I make clear if they reveal drug use to me it must be reported. Period. Why? Because if I do not, my clearance is at risk on next Polygraph. I normally get questions regarding integrity, ethics, etc.

I meet with employee, explain all this, he insists "no use,"and finances squared away. He turns in an SF86 indicating recent drug use. I already explained 12 months no recreational drugs applies to those applying for initial clearance, not for those possessing a clearance. I reinforce one cannot use recreational drugs while cleared.

I cannot un-ring the bell. I cannot un-read what he put on the form.

I don’t have a question. Just disappointed executing the requirements of my position, knowing I lose an employee. The client may keep him in process. He is being honest. I stress honesty for all applicants both on initial and re-investigation packages.

Now we wait and see. Yes I do the right thing. I report. Possibly submit the package if client approves. Let the system work it out. Self reporting and honesty remain the best path forward.

It doesn’t always leave a good taste in one’s mouth.

I feel your pain…I had one recently who underwent a reinvestigation and didn’t list any arrests. Fingerprint check comes back showing he was arrested last year for rape with charge still pending. Did not report! Did not list on SF-86! Yup!

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Thanks for your stories related to the process of moving between a secret and higher clearance levels as it has enlightened me related to the process and what I would need to consider if I would be in a similar situation in the future!