Question on SF86 and Misinformation

Hey everyone just wanted to ask you a question after searching around here for a bit and I’m starting to stress myself out quite a bit. So I’m a recent college graduate and I’ve applied for two LE positions that require BIs and have filled out two SF86s that are accurate and honest, with my only indiscretions being marijuana usage 5-7 times. I last used 3 years ago as a freshman in college. The problem however, I believe, is not with the drug usage. In 2016, about 6 months after my last drug usage, I got a non-sensitive internship that required an SF85. Under the advice of an agent who told me that the internship was no big deal and I wouldn’t see anything classified I should just put down no to the question of drug use in the last year (vaguely remember something about it being an “internal form”). So I did. Looking back now I realize what a massive mistake this was but being 18 I didn’t understand the severity of the document I was filling out. I truly didn’t think it was a big deal seeing as it was an unpaid internship for 6 weeks, once a week. I was obviously mistaken. Two years later headed into my senior year I got the same position and this time answered the question truthfully as it had now been more than a year since my last drug use. Now I have several questions. Is there anything more I can do to rectify the situation? My SF86s are honest and self-reported. Even with that, am I screwed? Will I be blackballed for falsifying forms (I never met an investigator for my internship)? Should I wait and see if my investigator brings it up, I don’t remember a question on the SF86 about past forms?I apologize for the wall of text but I appreciate all of your insight in advance.

You didn’t mention what clearance level the background investigation pertains to, so it isn’t clear whether you will meet with an investigator. What type of agent told you not to report your drug use? I would mention this discrepancy during the subject interview, if there is one. Discrepancies are always being revealed when comparing past investigations. Explain it the same way you explained it here. Definitely bad advice not to list it. Volunteering the information and your age are certainly mitigating factors.

It would be better if you explained the term “agent” . . . This will give us an idea of who it was that you say told you not fill out the form honestly.

Yes. You are going to have a problem. I doubt that you will be blackballed . . . That doesn’t really happen. But, you may not get this position because the falsified form is so recent. However, your age at the time and you claim that you were given bad advice mitigate the issue. You may just have to put more time between the you and the lie.

Do NOT wait for the investigator to bring it up! You open the interview with an explanation. Sit down and write up the issue. Try to remember as much as you can. Where you were when you filled out the SF85, as much information as you can gather about the position and as much information as you can get or remember about the “agent”. Keep in mind that HE committed a crime by urging you to lie.