My 1st TS clearance problems with the FS86

This is my first application for a TS clearance. I left info off my FS86 regarding past drug use while I was in college. I know I’m an imbecile for lying on the form. I get the point that the entire process is to determine one’s truthfulness and lying on the form is the dumbest thing one can do. Anyway, the clearance is for a private sector gov’t contractor job. I haven’t yet scheduled the follow up interview, and i’m wondering if I’d be better off withdrawing my application and apply in the future with a new FS86, or if I should go through with the confrontational interview, tell the truth and hope for the best?

thanks for any advice anyone can offer.

A few questions:

Was your drug use in the past 7 years?
Have you had your first interview with an investigator? (you mention a follow up interview)

*just a slight correction, the form I think you are referencing is an SF86 (standard form 86)

No. The follow up interview has not been scheduled. I’m supposed to set it up today. I was planning to begin the interview by coming clean on the drugs. Yes, the drug use was less than 2 years ago.

thank you for your response. I appreciate it.

Ok, you are on the right path. Bring up the unlisted issue when you sit down with the investigator. The first interview is not necessarily a confrontational interview. It’s a chance for anyone to correct information on the SF86, to provide additional information and to resolve listed issues. It’s also the time to bring up the stuff you failed to list. Be prepared to fully discuss, ie, what, when, with who, where, why, etc. You will also need to explain why you did not list it.

Tell the truth is always the best advice. If you decide to not tell the truth, and are cleared, you will have to make certain that your lies stay consistent every time you have a reinvestigation.

Wishing you all the best.

thank you for this advice. This is really helpful. Wish me luck, and I’ve DEFINITELY learned my lesson.

What came of this for you ?

I had my interview in December and I’m still waiting to hear back. Radio silence. Is this an unusually long time between the interview and hearing anything regarding my potential clearance?

I received my clearance. Finally!


You are among the lucky ones for sure. I’m processing ppl now that have been waiting for 9-18 months for a determination. Congratulations


Yep, just waiting our turn.