Lied on SF86 7 years ago - TS interview

I joined the Reserves back in 2013 where I annotated I did not do drugs on my Secret SF86. This was a lie as I had smoked weed a couple times from 2010 - 2013 and tried cocaine once in 2011.

Flash forward to 2020 where I am now active and trying to get an another position which requires a TS. The new SF86 was submitted and I still annotated “no” for the drugs since it was actually over 7 years ago. This I was truthful on.

I have a scheduled interview with my TS interviewer next week. I plan to bring up my mistake on the previous SF86. My question is how will this affect my chances for TS? What can I expect from my interviewer when I bring this up? How can I show mitigation in terms of personal conduct?

I imagine coming clean at the forefront will help, but how much so?

To be completely honest, I would start browsing around for other MOS’s that don’t require clearance (if there even are any). You also may be kicked out of the military completely due to fraudulent enlistment.


You’re screwed.

Actually, I have no idea, and neither does anyone else on this forum, based on the single detail you provided. There are obviously more factors considered than just your weed use.

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The drug use question is for 7yrs. Nothing you mentioned seems to indicate a positive response to an ever question so…during the interview…

The extra questions at the end of the interview asks basically if you have ever provided fraudulent information on an official form or if you have mislead an official/investigator. You can mention the issue at that time.

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you have a tougher, more steep hill to climb here besides prior drug use. You lied. You lied again. You falsified and swore to two official government documents. And you smoked dope, and snorted coke. Provocatively asked to make a point…“How often did you use once you joined?” And, "Why should anyone believe you? " You are an admitted liar.

I don’t write that to insult you, rather for you to see it from clearance division perspective. You definitely have a fraudulent enlistment issue. I’ve seen a handful discharged for that. Quite the pickle. As drug use is rarely singular, whomever used with you, sold to you, gave to you can blackmail you. If you have not used since 2013, recommend pulling back SF86. Let a few more years pass. Sooner or later you will require a new SF86 though. Maybe even a poly.

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I’m not sure on that. A person enlists before the SF 86 is completed - don’t they?. Misconstrued information on the form… grounds for separation from the military. Admin separation most likely.

Thank you for your response.

There are certainly some factors that I did not include, but I like to imagine most of those factors would play into my favor (ie time passed, distancing from people who do smoke, good job performance, never smoked or did any drugs while I had the clearance)

I really only included the stuff I think would work against me. I know when it comes to adjudication it can vary depending on the situation or even the judge assigned to the case.

Thank you for your response.

It was not an “ever” question. But the previous SF86 I did in 2014 was a 7 yrs question.

I think I’ll still bring it up during the drug question part. In thatsecretagent response…is there actually a possibility I get kicked out due to fraudulent enlistment?

Thank you for your response.

I’ve read a few of your previous comments on some folks in similar situations as me. Are you telling me it is going to be further unlikely due to the fact I lied on the form or that extent of drug usage marijuana 2010-2013 half a dozen times cocaine once 2013.

It’s definitely a possibility that you get kicked out. The reason everyone around here recommends that you never lie on any official forms is that once you lie, you’re stuck in that lie for the rest of your career. They most certainly have access to previous sf86’s you’ve filled out as well as your enlistment paperwork. Lying is something they don’t take lightly.

Believe me that I wish I could go back in time and strangle choke myself to tell the truth.

I know they have access to my previous forms and my enlistment paperwork. While it isn’t something that is taken lightly, I guess, I am just waiting for someone to tell me there is at least some hope if I am forthcoming.

Idk I hate how I put myself in this stupid predicament. I appreciate your candor.

I’ve personally known a Sgt with 8 years being investigated for something he was innocent of. In this investigation, maturity led him to admit to smoking MJ in High School. HIs SF86 said he did not. He was discharged. I do believe he was administratively separated. That just means your ability to appeal is limited. Same net effect.

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When you enter the service you have to make a drug and tobacco declaration. This has been the norm for a couple decades.

Oops is when you tell your recruiter then “forget” listing the drug use on your SF86. Yes - military records are not only fair game but routinely reviewed.

Its curious though. One of my co-workers from a previous unit was in literally the exact same situation as me but with far more extensive use of drugs (LSD, cocaine, marijuana, and a few others I’ve never heard of) and was more recent like 3-4 yrs ago.

His was adjudicated favorably. It’s why it’s probably likely it’s due to who is judging the case right?

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Lying about reportable issues is a no-no, lawyer or not, and is harder to mitigate than most original issues.

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When investigators are conducting a subject interview they are confirming your answers on the current application and getting details on any discrepancies that might have been discovered. You are expected to answer only what they ask. Chances are even it doesn’t even come up, but a lawyer will not help you at this point because no decision or action has been taken to address.


He didn’t make a mistake. He lied. But facts don’t matter, right?


Terrible attack?


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Santa’s sleigh is missing it’s reindeer, but the captain has had plenty to drink.

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I am not sure getting a lawyer is even worth it to be honest. It maybe a waste of money.