Lied on SF86 7 years ago - TS interview

Good Evening all,

I did my interview a few days ago and freely gave up the information to the investigator.

Basically he ended up asking me a couple of follow on questions about the drugs and why I lied initially. It went as smooth as I imagine it’ll go. I was nervous I would get a negative reaction from the interviewer but he was entirely professional which probably helped ease me being honest to him.

I appreciate everyone’s comments to me. I want to thank y’all for not going easy on me especially since reading back on my initial post it looks like I was fishing for some positive reinforcement. I will say though I am still very nervous and a bit sad thinking my career might be at its end. If I get a SOR I will probably hire a security clearance lawyer.

Normally I would joke and ask if anyone has a job to offer at this moment, but I bet I would need a security clearance for that :wink:.

Have a good day. Hope someone reading this before they put in their security clearance will read about my dilemma and do the right thing.


Kudos for doing the right thing.

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Although Santa may bring you a lump of coal.


Why are you bringing this up for no reason? Leave it alone. Why tell on yourself?! You’re making trouble for yourself. No one knows about it so keep it that way. Leave it in the past.

Hmm. Another troll. Your posts aren’t helpful, either.

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Nope not a troll. Just don’t want someone to throw their future away for no reason. No need to bring this up in the interview and screw yourself.

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Personally, I wouldn’t bring it up. I wouldn’t lie about anything asked, but I wouldn’t volunteer anything on its own.

I agree with Reddit. If it were me, I wouldn’t bring it up if I wasn’t asked a question that required me to address it. I would be truthful about anything asked in this interview, but I wouldn’t bring something up that took place before enlisting, unless I was required to do so.

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If asked at the end of the interview those questions, then I believe you need to be honest, of course.

Malik of kings did you get your clearance or did you get an SOR? And then what happened?

What’s the update to your situation?

Funny I was actually thinking about this thread today.

I was approved for the TS late October. Or so I imagine since it shows up on my srb and/or I haven’t gotten word about an SOR

I did my interview in August and I came clean upfront to the interviewer. He asked me some questions about usage, since when, with whom, etc. He was professional about it all and didn’t make me feel like it was the end of the world.

He was actually more concerned that I left out my trip to China 🤦. Though I was able to explain the trip and told him I just forgot (the truth!)

In the end I gave him a few names of folks he could talk to about it. And told my friends to be honest about it to him.

I think it played out well. I appreciate all the folks here who told me to come clean. Even if I didn’t get the TS it was definitely a load off my chest.

For those who are coming to this forum under similar circumstances, I hope my experience will be convincing enough for you to realize it is better to come clean than not.


Until you require a polygraph. Then suddenly carrying the weight of that lie…becomes heavier and heavier

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I believe that one immature misleading event from 8 years ago should not supersede your 7 years of honorable service. There are very few individuals who don’t have a regrettable immature event/decision/lie/action from their early years. Have you talked to a senior member of your unit who can perhaps give you some practical relevant advice? This forum is probably not very helpful for you.

As always, it depends. Coming “clean” early in your career and during a subject interview helpful. Being dishonest is more harmful when discovered because it means you falsified then compounded the falsification.

The advice in here is good in general. Be honest, admit your error, take your lumps, and move on.


Similar situation, however going up for CI poly, was wondering what happened after all of that, did they make you change your sf86, did you stay in the military or was there any repercussions?