Lied about one time hard drug use on original SF 86, planning to come clean now

Hello all,

I hope to make this as brief as possible. I was in the navy for 8 years and was recently discharged. I maintained a secret clearance which I believe I still have but I’m now applying to a position that requires as TS. At the time I wanted a job that required a clearance and my recruiter advised me to lie in order to be eligible. I disclosed my short term marijuana usage on the original SF 86 i filled out, but the issue according to him was a benzodiazepine I tried once. That was omitted on my SF 86. I want to be 100% honest this time around. I feel ashamed that I lied last time to get a job. It does not represent who I am and I understand that no matter what my recruiter told me to do, I ultimately made the decision to lie. If come clean with the investigator this time, would it be an issue with getting the clearance?

Yes it will be an issue, but you don’t really have any choice. It is time to set the record straight.

I think in most cases they will end up granting the clearance if that is the only issue, but be prepared for a lot of questions as many people who at first only say they used drugs “once or twice” end up admitting to a lot more when pressed on the matter.


Absolutely, I understand honesty is the only course of action at this point. And yes it’s the absolute truth that it was only once in a basement when I was 17 and my cousin offered it to me, had no idea what it was at the time. I haven’t touched any drugs since before I enlisted. No other issues of note. Good credit, no debt, consistent work history, never encountered law enforcement. My stepdad is a Canadian citizen but that wasn’t a problem last time.