NSA Internship and Marijuana Use


So I got an internship at the NSA and need to fill out the SF 86 form and then take a poly for T'S clearance. I got the SF 86 form in the mail today.


I used pot a little in college. I just expiremented a bit. I smoked out of a bong a few times at a few parties. Not alot. I felt no different. I only actually smoked a legit amount one time. I didn't even like it. It just made me fall asleep. This happened like 2.5 years ago.


Anyway. Fast forward to last september through december. During one of those months I remember sitting in my car w a friend. And he was smoking weed. He was begging me to try it. I think I remember that I may have took it from him and inhaled one time. Idk y. I never feel any different when I try weed. And I don't even like it. And I haven't done anything since then. And I honestly never intend to again. I don't even like it. It doesn't have any affect on me.


And to be completely honest I'm not even completely sure that I did take it from him and smoke it. I can't remeber. I might have just sat there. I honestly dont remeber at all. My memory is foggy....it really wasn't a big deal at all. I definitely wasnt high though.

I'm just really freaking out now and I need advice. The internship app asked if I uses drugs within the last year. I said no. I don't really think this counts as drug use. Idk.

Do I write that on the SF 86 form? Is it better to not bc I dont know? Will I be denied bc of this one tiny instance sometime within the last year? Has anyone had experience w this? Advice is greatly appreciated. What about for a q clearance?


Sounds like you are trying to convince yourself that you don't like pot and didn't use it last year in order to mitigate the fact that you may have messed up by not disclosing it on the application. You also mentioned having to take a polygraph, which is probably why you are now stressed out and real reason you are on here. My advice to you: Be honest with yourself and your security officer and voluntarily go provide them this information. The chips will fall where they may, but it will be better then being found out later.


I definitely don't like pot. If they asked me "Do u like pot?" on the polygraph I'm 99.9% sure it would come back as being truthful if I said "no".

The question I am not confident about is "Have you smoked pot within the last year". For one, I don't remember when this incident occured. And two, I don't remember if I actually did or not. I honestly don't remember. I have been thinking about it all night last night. I couldn't sleep. And I just can't remember. I think it happened sooner rather than later. But thats a guess. And I have no memory of actually putting the thing to my mouth and inhaling but I can't say for 100% certainty that I didn't. I just don't know.

My question is what should I write on the form? Do I just explain the whole situation? What do I write for the last date I used a drug? Do I put I don't remember?

What do you mean by "the chips will fall where they may?". Does this mean I have a chance? Or in your expierence does this mean I don't have a chance?

Thanks so much.


It can go either way, it all depends on the information you disclose and what else is uncovered during the investigation. Drug use within the past year is a serious concern, but can be mitigated. Be honest about all of the circumstances and you will have a chance. If you lie and it is found out then you will be denied.