Drug use and sf86

Three questions:

1.)I was given bad advice coming into the military and did not disclose experimental marijuana use in college on sf86 for TS/SCI, should I commit to what I said for my renewal or disclose? It was almost two years from my original sf86 that I touched marijuana and it’s been almost 6 years total since I’ve ever touched anything. Bad decision overall, but it’s something that unfortunately will always be on my conscious.

2.) Will federal jobs look at my military SF86 when applying?

3.) Is anyone aware if ICE or USMS conducts polygraphs. I know I’ve pretty much screwed myself on getting a poly.

Who gave you the bad advice? It seems like this happens a lot and it won’t be the first time that a second SF86 reveals information not included earlier. Honestly, your best bet is to come clean and include information on why you didn’t disclose the drug use previously. You might make it harder to get through the process but it will be easier than having them find out through other channels or a poly that you continued to withhold information.

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ICE Poly’s are notoriously difficult to get through even with total honesty. That said, I will always support total honesty, coming clean. Being young, dumb and stupid once…now I am no longer young…having gone through military recruiters before, I understand the situation. As Ed stated not unusual. They have seen it before. Coming clean speaks to maturity, regret, moving away from the previous lifestyle and adulting. The polygrapher may create questions to probe the degree of honesty given so please do come completely clean. No justifying, rationalizing, beating around the bush or other dodges. Will there be consequences? Could be. But not for the MJ use. Possibly for not disclosing it. But coming clean is a mitigation. If you apply for federal jobs not requiring a clearance you likely get no poly, no SF86 review.

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  1. Lying will just make things worse for you if you’re caught. I know you know what the right thing to do is - you don’t need someone on this forum to tell you.

  2. Yes.

  3. Position dictates - investigative/LE positions certainly do


Come clean. Period. Show you are wiser and more mature, making the right decisions now.

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