Coming clean in interview

Currently waiting for a job to be assigned for the marines and am getting nervous about tine SSBI for the intel jobs, which I am very interested in. When I was first interested in the military I talked to an army recruiter who strongly suggested that I leave out my past drug use on the sf-86 form. There was no police involvement just two suspensions from high school. Neither of which were for being under the influence. Since then I decided the army wasn’t for me and tried a couple years of community college and that helped me make up my mind that the military was the way for me. I haven’t touched it any drugs since I was 17.

While filling out the forms for the marines I was afraid of the new sf-86 I had to fill out contradicting my last one, so I left it out again. My question now is that should I come clean in the first interview? Would it have any effect on me being in the military at that point?

Thank you for any help and I do realize that it was a mistake to lie and am now suffering the consequences.


Had you come clean on the latest application your previous non-disclosures could have been mitigated by your age at the time, your recruiters advice to not disclose it, and the types of drugs and last time they were used. However, no you have continued the falsehood and it now creates the appearance of dishonesty. My advice is to contact your security officer and background investigator to explain what the circumstances were for not disclosing it previously and that you want to correct your error.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I know I should have been upfront the second time but I was so afraid of all the penalties for lying at meps that they scared us with. Excuses I guess.Luckily the investigation hasn’t begun yet because I haven’t been assigned an mos needing the TS. When I am (hopefully), how would I go about getting in touch with the background investigator besides waiting for the required interview?

Also are the findings of the investigation reported to the military?

I cannot advise you which is the best route to go not knowing all of the details and your current situation, just that the sooner you disclose it to a security official in writing the better it will look on your part for voluntarily coming forward with it.