SF-86 re-investigation

When I joined the military I told my recruiter everything- he asked if I had a criminal record, or if there were any police records and I said no. He told me to lie (he said ‘don’t say yes’) on my paperwork so that I could get in the military. He said if there is no record, it didn’t happen. Fast forward a few years and I am filling out my SF-86 for a new MOS and I asked my supervisor if I should come clean about the lie I told previously and he said no. So I did. I got my clearance no problem. Fast forward a few more years and it’s re-investigation time. Naturally I kept my secret, (I also pass the poly since it’s only for national security) and now I am getting ready to transition to the civilian job market and I am concerned about a more intensive poly, like a lifestyle poly. I want to come clean, but I don’t want to face prison. How should I go about this? Do I even stand a chance at remaining in the IC after I get out?
Thank you,

“Worry is a misuse of imagination.”

This clearly applies to you. Prison? Really? Lynn, just be honest. I just can’t stress that enough. You are not the first person to be ill-advised by a recruiter trying to make quota. All will work out. Guarantee.