Lied at meps and handed in my sf86

What should I do? I know it’s my fault for still lying at meps but my recruiter told me to lie about my marijuana usage and if I have ever been out of the country. I only smoked weed for a month maybe 1-2 times a week and went out of the country purely for vacation. I contacted my recruiter to see if I change the info on my sf86 because after seeing what the forms look like online my recruiter didn’t give me the drug use and leaving the country pages. I contacted my recruiter telling them that I want to change info on my eqip or submit a supplement but they are only just trying to convince me to keep lying to the investigator and that a ts sci won’t require a polygraph. I’m planning whenever I do have the interview, to just spill the beans. What should I do in this situation?

Give the name of the recruiter to the Investigator. Come clean and hope for the best.

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I’m seeing many stories of an immediate boot for fradulent enlistment. So either live with a lie your whole career and hope nobody finds out or come clean with an easier conscience and hope whoever handles it goes easy on you.

How am I supposed to lie through a polygraph though, also I just went to meps my boot camp date is in Aug 25

Come clean with your investigator, especially about your foreign travel. Let them know your recruiter didn’t provide you with the pages about foreign travel or drugs. They will ask you the recruiters name, title and location.

Not every sci requires a poly. Many don’t in fact. But like I said, either way carries a risk. I applaud you for wanting to serve and give it your all, but how you proceed with that and the conscience you wish to carry, I can’t decide that for you.

My rating is mt , missile technician if that helps

Alright thank you very much I’m honestly losing sleep over this I hope everything goes all good

Before you start the interview, the investigator is going to going to ask you to attest that you will tell the truth. Then they will let you know that being untruthful about a material fact is a felony. When you give the investigator information that differs from what is on the SF-86, they will ask you why the info is different. If the truth is that your recruiter didn’t ask you the question, you should tell the investigator that. If the truth is that your recruiter told you to lie about the issue, you should also tell the investigator that. If the truth is that you decided not to divulge the info, then you should tell them that. There is no way this is going to end well if you don’t tell the truth.

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The most important thing is to be honest during your interview. Recruiters often have recruits omit information so your investigator may be use to it.

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Help, DON’T listen to anyone that is telling you to continue the lie. That’s what the security clearance interview process is for - come clean and tell the investigator everything. INCLUDING exactly what your recruiter directed you to say/omit. BI’s submit a form for Recruiter Falsification. It exists for a reason. Far too many cases like this one. These recruiters need to be punished. I know of at least several situations in which they have literally ruined someone’s life or future. It’s shameful. Best of luck to you.

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Unfortunately the clearance process is the least of your worries. You lied at MEPS. That is fraudulent enlistment and if you disclose the truth in your Security clearance investigation, the Military will nail you for fraudulent enlistments and turn you right back out the door. The FIRST thing you need to do is go to your Recruiter and own up to your mistake and get that corrected first. You can’t hide anything. One some point it will all converge and you have to address it. Do it now and go to them! Don’t make them come to you…

I would say just be honest about the whole ordeal because from what I have heard they ask you questions Like that to see if you will not caring to much about what you have done When it comes to drugs if you have successfully rehabilitated