Lied at meps now need TS clearance

Enlisted into the military at 18 years old. Lied at MEPs about mental health history and drug history. And also a expunged ticket and felony charges. Recruiter told me to lie . I am going into the marines and have a contract to go to security school where you need a TS if you complete it. Obviously I will tell them about my felony charge. But not my 5 mph ticket as it was only 100$ or 80$ idk but they took it off my record and points due to it being my first offense and completing a course. I lied about 2 suicide attempts and prescribed anti depressants. I dont take any medications and havent since about a year ago. I had adhd as a kid but I stopped taking meds for it almost 5 years ago. I havent been declared mentally incompetent but since the first intent on suicide was under 18 they forced me to go to a psychiatric hospital for 11 days. The second intent they drug tested me and came back positive for cocaine I used it once and it happened to be within a couple days of the suicidal intent happened. This was all before I was 18 years old. I used the drug one time and that was it. So I’m sure it’s on a medical record somewhere. Along with me admitted to the physc hospital I smoked weed and it affected me very poorly. Let’s say even if I come clean I am still in the military wont they report that to the marine Corps and kick me out? Or will they just worry about denying or approving my clearance and not worry about ruining my military career. I havent shipped yet but I am just thinking the long run. And really want my security job. What should I do tell the whole truth and not worry about them kicking me out or switch jobs now and not even try for a ts clearance

Pretty sure you it will come up when you complete your SF86 either now or in the future. .

You also committed enlist fraud. It does not matter that the recruiter “told” you to lie. It is up to you to be truthful. If you can be mislead by a recruiter, how can you be trusted with secerts?

You need to come clean as soon as the opportunity arises. Not only is lying on the SCA (SF86) a crime - you also have fraudulent enlistment issues going on here. Your recruiter is dishonest and too lazy to complete the required waivers - you will need to tell someone else at MEPS.’

The issues you discussed are not unusual and would probably be cleared (mitigated ) as part of the normal process — except if you lie on the SCA and especially to the investigator.

The suicide attempt will probably pop up as a police report or during other records/interviews.

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If I tell the truth on sf86 would they tell my service branch?

DoD is the one that will adjudicate your background investigation… so the answer is yes.

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That should not be your concern and the fact that you asked twice is really telling.

Yep. Dude doesn’t need to be anywhere near a clearance.

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So even if I completely clean and do not lie on my sf86 and to the investigator. It will still go to my service branch and will most likely get me a fraudulent enlistment due to lying at meps?

It’s better when you can explain it now, while you are young, and its a candor situation that you realize must be dealt with, then to lie about it, continue the situation, and it come out years later where you don’t have youth on your side and additional situations where you could have fessed up to it and it hurts you further.

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The sooner you report the required information, the less likely you will be held accountable for fraudulent enlistment. There is a point very early in basic training where the point of no return is passed.

On the flip side, fraudulent enlistment is not normally pressed if a recruit volunteers the information early.

Like many other situations, it’s the cover up that will get you into trouble. The investigators and adjudicators know that many recruiters will tell kids to lie filling out their forms. There needs to be far more discipline in that area but it will help to mitigate your issue. It’s the DoD that holds your clearance, not your branch and it’s the DoD that will be adjudicating your new clearance. It’s not a matter of “telling your branch”. Your branch has nothing to do with it.

I don’t think that it’s hopeless though. You need to come clean, explain that you were misled, act contrite and show that you are older and more mature so that it won’t happen again. Show that you are trustworthy. You might still have a problem but it’s no bigger than the problem you have now.