Recruiter Told me to Lie at MEPS and now I want to go to RASP

Hey everyone,

I am currently serving and have a desire to attend RASP. They require a polygraph and SF-86, I believe. I have issues regarding my past because as a middle schooler I had been charged with a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana.
I told my recruiter and he told me if I didn’t fail my drug test it didn’t happen. Also, I told him of my legal trouble and he said as long as my fingerprints didn’t come up on the system then I was fine. He specifically said, “I mean if it’s not on the system, ya know?”. So I lied.
Now, I have a dilemma because I love serving and would like to continue my career, but am hindered because I am afraid if I apply to that program I will be charged with fraudulent enlistment. Is there any way I can get out of this? Will the SF-86 processing board inform my service branch if come clean? Even if they don’t RASP requires a lengthy questionnaire to be filled out as well:
Should I just not attempt to apply to RASP? Because I would not want to lie to the RASP processers, as well. I would want to come clean on both sections but fear the repercussions.

Of course none of us can say for sure how it will come out, but now is the time to come clean. There are many instances of young people being told by recruiters to omit facts or outright lie on enlistment paperwork, so that may be a mitigating factor.

This is the time to get this behind you. I would highly encourage you to apply and put down the truth. The sooner you overcome the false statements at MEPS (or wherever) the better off you will be in the long run.

Yeah, I just called an Active Duty Recruiter and told her about my situation. Since I am reenlisting as an Active service member I will be able to be truthful about the past and move forward!

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