Didnt disclose prior drug use at MEPS now SF86

I resigned during an internal affairs investigation for suspected drug use with my job at the Sheriff’s Department. Looking for a way to turn my life around, I decided to reenlist in the Air National Guard. I lied about my past drug use but now Ive come to realize that the job Im going for as a C130 loadmaster requires a security clearance. I was prepared to be open and honest about the drug use on the SF86 but now I realize I’d be dealing with fraudulent enlistment. I’ve already signed the contract and I’m expecting to inprocess into my new unit sometime in September. I realize I have no hope of continuing the process further. Is there a way to retract my enlistment to avoid running into that? Is there a way I can admit what I did before the SF86? Is it to late to get a waiver? What are my options???

Resign? But if you want to work with the government you’ll have to say why you left the job anyway.

But might want to cancel this so if you decide to enlist later it won’t look as bad.

Should I admit to my recruiter that I lied or should I just say I have other reasons for not wanting to join? If I fess up to my recruiter will that be a dishonorable discharge?

Just tell them the truth and go from there. See what they have to say.

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If it’s not too late to get out then don’t tell them exactly why you are leaving. Just say you had a change of heart. Cause if you say you lied then you’re screwed all over again.

Now what will happen if I retract my enlistment and wait a year or 2 and restart the process correctly? How long are my MEPs records? Will I have a better chance as by that time 3 years have passed since my incident?

Have you taken the oath yet?

If not, speak to your recruiter. They want their stats to be on the up n up so may be more inclined to assist with a waver.

If you’ve taken the oath, I can think of two possible avenues to take.

  1. Stop by the legal office on your base. Before disclosing anything find out if you have attorney/client privilege- if so that person could assist in guiding you through steps.

  2. Make an appointment with your doctor. Find out about privilege/privacy. When requesting treatment you may be given reprieve. This starts a new line of SF 86 reporting, but easily explained. There are a number of treatment possibilities: support with keeping away from drugs, support in relation to guilt, support with whatever the issue was that got you started with drugs.

I believe you mentioned reenlistment… meaning you have prior military experience?

This might be the biggest hurtle to face. Prior knowledge of requirements means you would know better - knowledge of conduct unbecoming…

So, with that in mind, you can probably resign with reason: financial concerns- the position will not provide enough income to support needs; medical concerns: exposure to COVID is an issue…

If you resign with reason make sure that reason is true to whatever situation Is present within your life.

Explain the privacy privilege thing with the doctor. I have spoken with a psychologist and based on his evaluation of me, repeating drug use is highly unlikely, which in fact is true. Will this help me at all?

Patient privacy- look into it.

My main issue is, that I have a documented drug use from my previous job that forced me to resign. I did not disclose the drug use to the recruiter or MEPs but I’ll have to admit it on the SF86. I have a signed document from a psychologist stating that the use was an abnormal out of character event and unlikely to happen again, but I feel like that won’t do me any good because I didn’t disclose it in the first place. Fraudulent enlistment is pretty much what I’m facing if I don’t do something prior to reporting in to my unit