Military recruiter filled out sf86 and didn’t put certain information I made him aware of

Recently enlisted into the army with an mos that requires secret clearance and in the dep waiting to ship. At the time I didn’t realize it but when he was asking me questions about my employment history and references and residence history that was the sf86 he told me it was just an enlistment package that everyone has to do. I did not fill anything out myself or on paper he did it all on his computer and asked me verbally.

I made him aware already of experimental marijuana usage over a year and a half ago but I am sure he didn’t put it on there since he didn’t want me mentioning it to Meps obviously. I was only made aware that it was the sf86 after asking him because I thought I would fill it out at a later date.

I don’t want to go into my army career and possibly get an upgraded clearance or polygraph and have it ruin my future endeavors.

I’ve already tried asking him to change it when I finally realized he told me there was nothing he can do and was just told that “everything is good to go” and “marijuana usage is the least concern with a security clearance”

How can i make this right, i possibly won’t get a interview since it’s a secret clearance do I have to continue with the lie until I possibly get an upgraded clearance to explain to an interviewer will I get in trouble for admitting this information? Do security investigators check both your enlistment paperwork and your sf86?

When you meet with your investigator tell them what you recounted here. The investigator will have additional questions and will take it from there.

Will I even get an investigator for a secret clearance

Unless you have other issues on your case papers that trigger a Subject interview you will not get to speak with an investigator to tell your side of the story. If you do get to talk to an investigator let them know about the recruiters’ falsification and set the record straight on all incorrect information.

If you don’t get to speak with an investigator & you receive your access reach out to your SMO (Security Management Officer) and self-report.

Recruiter falsification is a HUGE problem. It’s a shame because it seems like all they care about is hitting their numbers. Quantity of Quality. There used to be a Recruiter Falsification Hotline with the government to report problems like this, but not anymore.

There is an organization that helps with Military Recruiter Abuse called the American Friends Service Committee Military Recruiter Abuse Hotline | American Friends Service Committee their hotline # is 202-483-5370

Good Luck!

Am I safe from a fraudulent enlistment if I report this to my smo whenever I get to my duty station especially since my recruiter filled it out for me and didn’t let me out information I told him to

Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to that one.
But I will tell you like my Branch Chief told me when I advocated to grant access to some in a similar situation. She said “Be that as it may he signed the SF86 AFTER the Recruiter filled it out. He should have read it and made the necessary corrections before he signed it.”

I didn’t agree with her because most of the MIL BI’s I was dealing with around that time were for new recruits who were not yet 18 or had just turned 18 when the SF86 was completed, so they had no idea that that was an option.