Recruiter filled out sf86

I went to MEPS recently for 35L (Counterintelligence Agent) only to find out my recruiter filled out my SF-86 on his own. This requires a TS clearance. Now I’m going through the background investigation with a form that wasn’t completed by me. I’m filling one out on my own and bringing it to my personal interview but I’m wondering how that’s gonna work out. What should I say/do? I’ve spoken to a couple investigators about references but I haven’t been assigned to an interviewer yet.

Wait for your interview with the investigator. Note any disparities/discrepancies the recruiter provided. Provide the accurate information. Explain to the investigator that you did not fill out the form. This should not be surprising to the investigator. It happens way more than it should. You will be asked to provide the name and location of the recruiter.

If you signed it, you took ownership of it.

Just to clarify, I didn’t sign anything. My recruiter filled it out without my knowledge and without my review before he submitted it. It must’ve been an electronic signature.

I’ve been contacted by two investigators asking about references and I’ve explained to both that the reference they were asking about was not someone I listed. Honestly I doubt they were real people.

My question is how will this affect my clearance process? I have a completed SF-86 but nobody to send it to. I don’t wanna wait for several months for an interview just to have my application rejected. Any advice or assurance would be helpful.

Your application will not be rejected. It sounds like it has already been accepted if you have investigators calling you. You just need to wait for your interview, so you can provide the correct information and explain what happened. There is no way to speed it up. Usually a recruiter will send an email asking for an electronic signature that certifies that the information provided on the SF86 was correct. Did this happen? Your interviewed with an investigator is your opportunity to provide clarification and additional information to the answers provided on the forms. Be patient. If it has gone to the field, and it sounds like it has, it would be unlikely that you will wait several months for your interview.

Be sure to provide the name and contact info for your recruiter/s to your investigator. This happens very frequently for at least the last decade. I have seen more recent signs that it is getting better and recruiters are getting better at getting recruits to do this. More recruiting offices seem to be getting computer terminals with recruit access to fill this out.

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Lemonaid’s comment is incorrect. Recruiters routinely fill out the paperwork and more time than I can count there has been incorrect information. Give your investigator the correct information and when asked why this was not listed correctly tell them the recruiter put the wrong information. Give the investigator your recruiter’s full name, rank, recruiting address, phone number, and email address. There are steps the investigator takes on their side in this situation. Just give them the info, be honest, and stop worrying.

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