Current military medical officer: SF86 entered by recruiter for Secret Clearance contains big errors

I’m a direct commission military medical officer currently in training. The recruiter rushed me to fill out written SF86 to meet a deadline and I turned the form into him incomplete. He told me we could addend it later and I naively agreed. Later over the phone, I verbally told him things I wanted addended to the form, but when I got access to iPerms and saw my SF86 and he didn’t add anything I said verbally (also some of the info he typed in is incorrect or misspelled).

The big one I’d like to includes a misdemeanor furnishing alcohol to minors offence from when I was 18 (which was over 11 years ago), a $90 traffic ticket from 2018, and some work history from 6 years ago.

Should I contact someone (S2 or recruiter office) to addend the form?

Or should I wait until the interview to tell the officer these things?

Although my contract states I’ll be discharged if I don’t pass the security clearance, I’m concerned of a fraudulent enlistment charge because this seems like such a lame excuse.
Any help is appreciated

It’s called recruiter falsification. Sounds ominous and serious and requires notification to DCSA by the investigator but in reality the recruiter will face zero consequences.

Do everything you can to notify the recruiter to amend the SF-86, even referencing the serious-sounding falsification in a federal investigation.

If you can’t get the change to the SF-86 just tell the investigator up front about the recruiter filling out the security questionnaire for you and how you fully disclosed to him/her the alcohol charge.

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Okay, I’ll be more persistent with contacting him. I’m not sure if he did it intentionally or just forgot to enter it in the system. Thanks
Do you know if it’s common to charge soldier with fraudulent enlistment over incorrect paperwork?

Oy. There’s always some recruiter sticking their nose into the security business where they don’t belong.

If I had a dime for every questionnaire I’ve reviewed that looks really funky and the subject later tells me, “My recruiter. …”

As a colleague says: “There ought to be a law.”

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No. Zero to almost zero chance of that.

You seem very conscientious so I wouldn’t worry about this kind of stuff if I were you.

Lesson: never ever let someone else fill out your national security questionnaire and then have you sign it. If they signed it electronically for you, that’s even worse. Tell the Investigator right away that your recruiter filled the 86 out for you.

If the recruiter filled it out, it’s on him. Besides, you didn’t fraudently enlist. Worst case scenario is you get denied but that’s not very likely. BUT, don’t take a hit for a dumb ass recruiter. Dime him out…

It happens far too often. Discuss with security interview to make it a matter of record if even interviewed. I have seen Airmen discharged years later after saying they had tried Pot when enlistment SF86 said none. It isnt uncommon. But correct record when you can. It is a minor issue, 11 years ago as a very young kid. As such weight given to it is very little based on what you proved of yourself over 11 years.