Wasn't asked to fill SF86 Form

I have an undergoing investigation for a Secret Clearance and from looking at posts, a lot of people are mentioning filling out the SF86 form, which I was never asked to fill out. I was only asked for my fingerprints and proof of citizenship. It has been about two months since the process began and I am unsure of what the status is since I haven’t heard anything from my employer. Is it odd that I was never asked to fill out the SF86? Could this be indicative that I am undergoing an investigation for a different kind of clearance? (I am very new to all this so any information would be appreciated)

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Did you fill out anything online? Maybe you didn’t realize it was the SF86. Did you go to a website and enter a boatload of information (such as past jobs, addresses, family members, contacts, etc.)? If you haven’t done that then you might want to contact your employer and push for more information. Maybe there is a hiring freeze due to covid19 and they are holding off on giving you the SF86.

I contacted my employer and was told that since I had an investigation about two years ago, they are waiting for the DoD to upgrade me from favorable to Secret. Any idea what this means or how long it will take?

Talk about déjà vu; I was getting ready to prepare a post and as I was searching for the correct group to mention my current shenanigans, I found this lil gem.

I hope it’s not considered rude to piggyback onto your post but it would seem that you and I are literally going through the exact same thing.

Here is my story. I applied for a position with the DoD that was open for about fifteen days. And let me tell you I have never seen an agency move so fast through the posting, selection, interview and contingent job offer process. I was given my CJO in about six weeks from the application deadline.

I am currently working as a Federal Employee with the VA. This is a small glimpse into my investigation history to assist you background investigating magicians.

CNACI – Final Adjudication 08/01/2016
SSBI – Completed 01/06/2017 no final adjudication as I accepted another job offer. I did receive a letter via my congressman from the Director of the NBIB that stated my SSBI supported a Top Secret Clearance Determination.

NAC – Final Adjudication 02/17/2017

After I received my CJO with DoD I was asked to complete one document that required my signature. Then I was given a link that was connected to my USAJobs account that had three forms which I completed. They were fairly straightforward; nothing like the SF-86 for sure. After that I was asked to submit ink fingerprints to the Department of The Army and send HR a copy of the tracking number. After a week or so I received this email:
The Personnel Security Investigation Center of Excellence (PSI-CoE) received a background investigation request from your Agency Representative(s). Attached you will find a list of the information required by the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) to complete the Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) form.
If the background investigation request is needed, you will receive an email with the subject line of "Applicant Action Required, Investigation Application Instructions, PSIP Record Number ------------ You will be instructed to complete the e-QIP questionnaire, submit fingerprints (if necessary) and submit all documentation within 7 calendar days. You will not be able to access the e-QIP application until you receive the “Investigation Application Instructions” email.)

It has been almost two weeks since I received the above email and never got an email for eQIP. So, I have not completed a new SF-86.

My question is similar to the OP. Is this normal? My job requires a Secret and during the interview they stated we will bring you on with an Interim because it takes a long time to process clearances right now.

Due to the pandemic I can almost never get in touch with anyone for clarification. I would really appreciate a response from any of you folks that are able to shed some light on this.

As always, thank you for what you all do.

2 weeks isn’t enough time to worry yet. Keep looking for that email. eQIP is the program you use to complete the electronic SF 86.

Agreed. Interestingly enough, I got an email from DCSA that stated my most recent investigation on file is higher than what is required so no investigation is needed at this time.

So, great news.

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Wow, that’s astonishing! Maybe they are getting more efficient in the midst of all the madness.

Congrats… guess it all makes sense now.

You have what is known as “reciprocity”.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Thanks Squirrel. I love your posts BTW. And agreed, wasn’t expecting this kinda speed. Is it likely they used my SSBI since I never had a break in service?

I’ve heard of this happening before (reusing a recent investigation) but it seems to me that they always required either a new SF-86/eQIP or an SF-86c which is a much shorter form where you list any changes since your last investigation. I don’t know about the break in service but it probably helped.

I think it’s pretty cool they were able to do this… maybe it is not unusual, maybe it is just the customers I’ve been exposed to.

One of my colleagues reached out to congratulate me on my progress with my on-boarding. They have been one of my best mentors along my career path. They wanted to know; since I have a recent completed SSBI if I was going to ask my command for a TS versus a Secret since it would be a no cost or loss of time to the agency. They said, the work has already been done why not ask?

I tend to be more conservative and graciously accept what’s offered but this did cause me to wonder; is that possible? Can a new hire request a higher clearance than what is required if they have a completed investigation to support the request?

We all know that these clearances take forever to get and having an active, completed investigation only lasts so long, What do you think Squirrel? Keep my head down and be grateful or ask?

Not much you can do, except once you get on board and find your way around, maybe there is some way to get put in for higher clearance in order to work on a certain program. But no, you can’t just request a higher clearance unless there is some kind of justification.

Thank you, I will do just that. Have a great weekend.

This one is for you Squirrel, I was actually going to make a separate post all together but I had no idea what section to post it in.

So, my Secret clearance is completed and I have a start date! I am so excited, It’s been a long road to find a position that is a solid fit.

I’m not sure if you can answer this or not but here goes. The position is a TERM not to exceed a total of 6 years and has an “Intense” orientation and training program. If at anytime you don’t get a 90 percent or better during, training orientation or spot evaluation during your employment they give you one more shot and if you don’t pass they show you the door.

Having been in a field that is equally demanding I am not all together worried but I am curious. If you have a Final Secret and you get the boot from a job solely based on missing the mark on your eval’s do you loose your clearance or can you transfer it to another agency?

As long as you don’t get booted for misconduct of some kind there should not be any issue with the clearance.

I have started to see this more often, I think FBI and CIA do this, Secret Service, other jobs like that. I wonder what the “pass” rate is for jobs like this.

Congrats on the job, hope it works out!

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Thanks Squirrel; for years now you’ve always been quick to offer solid direction and counsel. Very much appreciated. Today I got my formal final offer and start work with my new job in a new state next month. It’s been one long and interesting road.

To anyone out there that is going through “The Process”; hang in there it’s absolutely worth the wait.

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