High risk public trust to secret clearance


Greetings, I am currently In the process of going from one DOJ agency with a high risk public trust BI in 2012 to another DOJ agency that requires a sf-86 national security investigation. It has been almost two months since I submitted the SF-86 and haven't heard anything from OPM. Going from an SF-85P to SF-86 do they redo the whole thing or do they just update the information that needs to be updated? ie: covering additional time frame scopes? Just stressing that none of my references or work has been contacted yet.


You should contact your Security Office who had you fill out the SF86 for the answer. In this scenario, they correctly had you fill out an SF86 for review and if no issues are present, they can grant you a Secret clearance based on the favorable review of the SF86 and previous BI done for the HR-PT. No new investigation is required.