SF86 public trust

I filled a SF 86 for a public trust, and went though the interview process, land lord contacted and previous employer contacted last 2 years. My current agency deemed me suitable for a Tier 4, what does this mean? And how easily can I have a secret clearance

If you had a public trust/Tier 4 then you filled out an SF85, not 86.

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Public Trust is not a clearance and has no bearing on your ability to get a clearance. You would need to apply separately for a clearance. Only you know how easily you can get one. Do you have a lot of foreign contacts? Criminal record? Distressed finances? They look at all that.

I filled out an SF86

Then you didn’t have a Tier 4 investigation.

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So what investigation was that?

FWIW, they don’t normally interview you and contact your landlord and previous employers for Public Trust.

There are public trust investigations that do require an interview, but the SF86 form is not used.

This is strange then because my landlord was called.

Terry Sampson

So it means the sf86 I filled out is for a secret clearance?

Most likely. SF86 is not used for public trust.

Do DoD security clearance differ from the VA process

It sounds like you had a Tier 4 investigation. VA normally uses the SF85. Tier 4 does not qualify you for a security clearance. The process in the field is similar to a security clearance and can confuse Subjects.

If you apply for a Tier 3/secret clearance investigation, parts of your recent Tier 4 can be used for the new investigation.

Incorrect, a T4 investigation DOES require a Subject interview AND interviews with supervisors, coworkers, residential (neighbor or landlord). A T4R (reinvestigation) does not require the residential coverage. A T2 investigation (also a public trust) does not require the investigator field work unless there are certain issues. Just like a T5 (national security) requires all the investigator interviews and a T3 does not require investigator field work unless there are certain issues.

All this is confusing,I do have T4 which was through a sf86 last two years which is currently active with SSA. But I was hired by a company doing DOD contract who wants me to get a secret clearance through DoD.I informed the FSO that I already hold one but she said she can not find me in their eligibility system.

Although you may have filled out a SF86 for whatever reason, the investigation was not for a security clearance: A Guide to Position Designation and Investigation Type | ClearanceJobs Blog

That depends on the agency doing the investigation. FBI does things differently than DCSA or DHS.