Will Public Trust (T4) helps in getting TS/SCI FSP clearance?

I received an email about my SF85p, “A background investigation (T4) has been completed for ——— on August, 2020. A Favorable determination has been made on Sep,2020.”

I applied for government internship this year and I was blessed to be selected. The internship requires TS/SCI FSP, I accepted CJO, did my PSI and poly. I find out during my poly that Public Trust is not a security clearance :scream::scream:. Since I already have PUBLIC TRUST (T4), will they obtain the (T4) results or they’ll do everything all over again?
How does my Public Trust help me in getting TS/SCI FSP?

Any Input(s) will be helpful.


Most of the investigation, especially the Subject interview, will be redone. Some items might meet the national security items but many will not, especially if the field work was over four months ago.


they will be able to use some of the info provided in your public trust, but They will most likely need to do a higher end investigation as a TS requires more field work and information gathering as it is T5/SSBI.

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