Public trust background investigation

I received a tentative job offer with CBP agency. I had to fill out SF 86 for public trust position instead of SF 85P. Is this normal? I disclosed truthfully and faithfully on SF 86 including I was fired once with the last employer. Does this impact to get security clearance or to pass background investigation? Any idea how long will it take to complete background check? Please advice.

CBP conducts its own background investigations and uses the SF-86 even though you may not require a security clearance so that they can gather additional information needed for a polygraph.

CBP does polygraphs? For public trust positions? Is this field-only or overall?

Officers for sure receive poly’s

No update on my BI since April 2017. I requested an update status and they responded that full BI is still in progress and really no timeline on when that’ll be complete. How long will I wait?

Worry more about the polygraph my friend. 70% fail. Although, I just heard through a reliable source that they brought it down to a regular police agency poly.