SEC enforcement

Is a position in SEC enforcement considered public trust or security clearance?

I am trying to understand how long the background check would take.


It could be both. The job announcement would specify if a clearance was required, but if not it most probably would be public trust.

The posting said:

"6. SECURITY CLEARANCE: Entrance on duty is contingent upon completion of a pre-employment security investigation. Favorable results on a Background Investigation may be a condition of employment or selection to another position. "

Does this mean that this requires security clearance and a form SF86 to be filled out?


Would appreciate anyone’s opinion on the description in the job posting.

The job description is about as clear as mud; SEC probably uses this to weed out any undesirables during the hiring process so they can say individuals someone does not meet the security requirements. What is the issue? Are you afraid you won’t be eligible for a clearance? Most of the same criteria used to adjudicate a security clearance are used to adjudicate public trust investigations.

No specific issue at all. I am just trying to understand how long and intrusive the process is.

I looked at form SF 86 for security clearance and it looked really exhaustive compared to SF 85 for public trust.

In your experience, does the SEC usually have new hires fill out SF 85 or 86?

Thanks for taking a look at this.

Any advice on whether the SEC usually has new hires fill out SF 85 or 86?


From the applicants point of view, after you provide the information on the form there really is no difference for you, as the interview done for both covers the data you provided and any issues that might pop up. My advice to you: stop overthinking, if you want the job you will do whatever is required to be eligible for it.