How long does basic clearence take?

I was recently offered a position at the clinical command center for the VA. I did my physical (which has been cleared) and submitted my Eqip the same day, Its been almost a week, and i was told by the Hr person that they wanted me to start asap. I think im getting the very basic, confidential clearance. Does anybody know about how long it usually takes? im assuming it should be quick because the HR person told me they wanted me to start by the next pay cycle. Any help? im new to Govt employment.

I appreciate the feedback, i dunno how anybody gets gov jobs, from reading the other posts seems like folks are waiting years.

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Your doing secret and top secret? how long is that process and how is it different than the confidential other than the dept of investigation.

I actually just looked at the job announcement again and it says “public trust”. would that just be the equivalent of a regular background check in a civilian job?

You cant have two investigations at once. I am currently going through for a top secret clearance. But for public trust it depends if its high risk (I think thats what is called) or low risk, meaning you will either fill out a SF-85 or SF-86. If its SF-85, which you seem to be obtaining is a very basic background check and could take 2-3 weeks on average. SF-86 is more extensive and could a few weeks to months. But as you said if theyre trying to bring in you by the next pay cycle it should be a quick process.