Public trust clearance timeline

I completed my eqip about three weeks ago and i still haven’t heard anything from an initial background investigator for an interview. My hiring manager contacted me earlier this week to see if I had heard anything yet. I was initially told that the public trust clearance takes about 3 weeks. Is there a backlog? How long does it usually take for a investigator to contact you after applicant has completed eqip? How long is the public trust clearance process in general?

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You have been misinformed. Public Trust investigations can take anywhere from 6 months to over a year depending on the level, complexity, backlog, and priority. I have quite a few in the pipeline and have not seen any closed within 6 months.

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Thank you. Hopefully, I will hear something sooner than 6 months.

Same here. Public Trust High Risk. I was told it could take about a month, and EOD Oct. 2017 :grin:. Submitted e-qip around July 20th, Fingerprinted. Credit pulled around August 10th. It could take a while.

EQIP was completed about 3 weeks ago. How do you know if they have pulled your credit?

I submitted my eQIP 7/19. Resubmitted fingerprints 8/7. Re-signed and resubmitted 4 attachments from the eQIP security package 8/18 (faxed). Received notification that DHS ICE Security Office sent me ?? today. It should arrive tomorrow, I have to sign for it, but I have no idea what it is.

I spoke to a friend, she agreed with Marko…said I probably wouldn’t start working until December. Patience is key.

My Public trust experience

Submitted eQip: 2/29/2017
Background investigation: 6/2017
Second questions 7/2017
Approved favorably: 8/2017

This can change based up your history. I think my took a week or so longer based on that i needed a second interview by the background investigator

My eqip for Public Trust was submitted end of Nov.2016. The security dept of my agency let me start work Feb. 2017, but I still have not been contacted for my interview.

A coworker started the same day as me & he was interviewed March 2017…he hasnt heard back from them since.

Another coworker started work August 2016 (yes, a year ago), and I just took a message from an investigator for him last week that he wanted to set an appointment to interview him. I asked the interviewer what was going on & he said that most of the cases that have been hitting his desk have been over a year old.

Just checking in. I called my PSO on Monday and he said my package was with his supervisor? He said his supervisor will make a decision and pass it on to the CO, then CO will contact my hiring agency. This is a contract position, so I guess my hiring agency is DHS-ICE. Six months seems like such a long time, but I did have to resubmit fingerprints, updated forms, and respond to a letter requesting details about two collection accounts and past due taxes.

Checking in again…I reached out to my contracting company to see if they had any information. I was told that there was a backlog because of the surge in ICE hiring. My status is “in process” that was reported by the Personnel Security Office. What does “in process” mean? I haven’t been contacted for an interview and my references haven’t either. Next week I hit the 3 month mark…I guess it could be worse.

I just wanted to provide a little follow-up here. It looks like mine took about 3 months…I am assuming this is just the interim as I haven’t been contacted for an interview and my references haven’t heard a word. Please see my updated timeline below:

7/17 - Signed job offer
7/19 - Submitted eQIP
8/07 - Resubmitted fingerprints (one set not signed)
8/18 - Resubmitted 4 attachments from eQIP (two forms updated)
8/19 - Credit Pulled
8/24 - Received LOI (debt & taxes)
9/04 - Submitted LOI response and proof of payment
9/25 - Contacted PSO was told that my app was with supervisor
10/10 - Received letter (favorable pre-appointment decision)

I am guessing this is my “interim clearance”. The letter stated that I can start work, but my BI will start soon and they will be re-evaluating the issues explained in my LOI.

Best wishes everyone!!

Here is my summary so far: non sensitive high risk Tier 4 public trust
Interviewed for job 10/12/2017
Accepted CO 10/19/2017
Fingerprints and SF85P-S submitted 10/26/2017
Personal BI interview 12/7/2017( 2 hours long)
Last reference interviewed 12/20/2017 (2 personal, 1 medical and 3 employer related)
Waiting for Interim…

That actually sounds pretty fast, @sugarpuff. PSIP just sent my SF86 (also for a non-sensitive public trust without a clearance) to OPM on Friday 26 Jan. I’ve completed my medical processing so now I’m just waiting. It’s amazing anyone ever gets a govt job. Mine’s for a GS-11 position with Army Cadet Command. Are you a GS or a contractor?

I know my public trust took awhile. I got the public trust first and it took about 9 months until it was cleared and another coworker of mine got cleared in a little over a year. But my current top secret took about 3 months.

Hi any updates? Do you have to wait for the BI to be completed before starting?

MRPT position.

eQIP (SF85P) completed 10/17
BI interview attempted in April 2018, but rescheduled to June 2018 for logistical reasons
People I work with tell me that I’ll only hear something if adjudication is unfavorable since I’m already working, but I’m pretty sure it’s too soon to even think it’s on an adjudicator’s desk.

Would my FSO be able to look in JPAS exactly where it stands (“in adjudication”, “BI complete”, etc.??)

Are your dates correct?

Whoop! Corrected my post. April and June dates are 2018.

So almost will be a year from eQIP till arrival on adjudicator’s desk, then maybe who knows how long to adjudicate…

Got tentative offer of Sept 4, Fingerprints done on Sept 5 Equip submitted same day i.e. Sept 5. Got phone call from BI today regarding dismissed and sealed misdemeanor - I, I reported. He asked about misdemeanor specifically and that is all. I am anxious about the outcome of BI. Any suggestion how long it takes to receive the interim suitability determination?