Public trust clearance timeline


I completed my eqip about three weeks ago and i still haven’t heard anything from an initial background investigator for an interview. My hiring manager contacted me earlier this week to see if I had heard anything yet. I was initially told that the public trust clearance takes about 3 weeks. Is there a backlog? How long does it usually take for a investigator to contact you after applicant has completed eqip? How long is the public trust clearance process in general?


You have been misinformed. Public Trust investigations can take anywhere from 6 months to over a year depending on the level, complexity, backlog, and priority. I have quite a few in the pipeline and have not seen any closed within 6 months.


Thank you. Hopefully, I will hear something sooner than 6 months.


Same here. Public Trust High Risk. I was told it could take about a month, and EOD Oct. 2017 :grin:. Submitted e-qip around July 20th, Fingerprinted. Credit pulled around August 10th. It could take a while.


EQIP was completed about 3 weeks ago. How do you know if they have pulled your credit?


I submitted my eQIP 7/19. Resubmitted fingerprints 8/7. Re-signed and resubmitted 4 attachments from the eQIP security package 8/18 (faxed). Received notification that DHS ICE Security Office sent me ?? today. It should arrive tomorrow, I have to sign for it, but I have no idea what it is.

I spoke to a friend, she agreed with Marko…said I probably wouldn’t start working until December. Patience is key.


My Public trust experience

Submitted eQip: 2/29/2017
Background investigation: 6/2017
Second questions 7/2017
Approved favorably: 8/2017

This can change based up your history. I think my took a week or so longer based on that i needed a second interview by the background investigator


My eqip for Public Trust was submitted end of Nov.2016. The security dept of my agency let me start work Feb. 2017, but I still have not been contacted for my interview.

A coworker started the same day as me & he was interviewed March 2017…he hasnt heard back from them since.

Another coworker started work August 2016 (yes, a year ago), and I just took a message from an investigator for him last week that he wanted to set an appointment to interview him. I asked the interviewer what was going on & he said that most of the cases that have been hitting his desk have been over a year old.


Just checking in. I called my PSO on Monday and he said my package was with his supervisor? He said his supervisor will make a decision and pass it on to the CO, then CO will contact my hiring agency. This is a contract position, so I guess my hiring agency is DHS-ICE. Six months seems like such a long time, but I did have to resubmit fingerprints, updated forms, and respond to a letter requesting details about two collection accounts and past due taxes.


Checking in again…I reached out to my contracting company to see if they had any information. I was told that there was a backlog because of the surge in ICE hiring. My status is “in process” that was reported by the Personnel Security Office. What does “in process” mean? I haven’t been contacted for an interview and my references haven’t either. Next week I hit the 3 month mark…I guess it could be worse.


I just wanted to provide a little follow-up here. It looks like mine took about 3 months…I am assuming this is just the interim as I haven’t been contacted for an interview and my references haven’t heard a word. Please see my updated timeline below:

7/17 - Signed job offer
7/19 - Submitted eQIP
8/07 - Resubmitted fingerprints (one set not signed)
8/18 - Resubmitted 4 attachments from eQIP (two forms updated)
8/19 - Credit Pulled
8/24 - Received LOI (debt & taxes)
9/04 - Submitted LOI response and proof of payment
9/25 - Contacted PSO was told that my app was with supervisor
10/10 - Received letter (favorable pre-appointment decision)

I am guessing this is my “interim clearance”. The letter stated that I can start work, but my BI will start soon and they will be re-evaluating the issues explained in my LOI.

Best wishes everyone!!


Here is my summary so far: non sensitive high risk Tier 4 public trust
Interviewed for job 10/12/2017
Accepted CO 10/19/2017
Fingerprints and SF85P-S submitted 10/26/2017
Personal BI interview 12/7/2017( 2 hours long)
Last reference interviewed 12/20/2017 (2 personal, 1 medical and 3 employer related)
Waiting for Interim…


That actually sounds pretty fast, @sugarpuff. PSIP just sent my SF86 (also for a non-sensitive public trust without a clearance) to OPM on Friday 26 Jan. I’ve completed my medical processing so now I’m just waiting. It’s amazing anyone ever gets a govt job. Mine’s for a GS-11 position with Army Cadet Command. Are you a GS or a contractor?


I know my public trust took awhile. I got the public trust first and it took about 9 months until it was cleared and another coworker of mine got cleared in a little over a year. But my current top secret took about 3 months.