Public trust clearance timeline


I am in same boat as you. Got TO on 8/13. Was contacted on 9/12 with questions about my dual citizenship. Waiting to hear more and anxious. What location are you looking at for positioning?


Sacramento CA. I have called again today to ask they needed me to provide copy of sealed court case. Got reply to hang on that I may or may not needed to provide down the road. I don’t know how to process this may or may not response negative or positive?


Rumor has it they want seats filled by Oct 1st. Not sure that is going to happen? Guess no news is good news?


Yups that is what I have been told while interview that due to fiscal year deadline agency wants to fill out the vacancies before September 30th. Thank Godness I have an equally good job at present so whatever will happen will happen for good.


Got my EOD of 10/14 yesterday.


Got my EOD yesterday as well


What is your start date?


My Eod is September 26th


Please am worried about my public trust. I just got a tentative offer for a federal job. I had a fight with my wife. The case has been thrown out. I was found not guilty. Both of us has resolved our differences. The case is at final stage of expungement. I hope this won’t affect my public trust. Thanks


If you were initially arrested, you need to make sure that is included in any forms you fill out that ask about criminal history. If you were arrested, but found not guilty - you still need to include that. They will find it in the criminal background check and also see that it resulted in not guilty, too, so you should be fine. As long as the information you provide matches the information they will find when they run checks, you’ll be in much better shape.


I just got a tentative offer pending the outcome of my background check. I had a fight with my spouse. The case has been thrown out. None of us found guilty. We resolved our differences and the case is at final stage of expungement. Am worried this will not affect my public trust.


Thanks sapguy. I can’t wait to know the outcome. Thanks


If your case has been expunged from a court record. Do you say yes if they ask have you ever been arrested before.


Yes. It also says ever “charged with”.


I’m waiting for my public trust as well. Here is where I stand.
Job posted April 30
Tentative offer June 15
Submitted eqip and fingerprint July 8
Job started on August 8.

I assume BI has started on my first day on job.
No idea if credit report was pulled. Wont be able to check until January 2019. That’s when I can use my free annual reports.
None of my references were contacted.
Waiting patiently.


Is it a federal job. I got my tentative offer 11/26/2018. I had my PIV on 12/5/2018. Am still waiting for my starting date


Yes its a federal job. Been on the job for 4 months. Nothing yet


You got your PIV before your EOD? Usually, You get CAC/PIV when you inprocess on your first day of work at least. Not before.


They will not ask if you have been arrested, so no need to disclose, only if you were charged


So I had either a moderate or level 3 public trust background investigation initiated back in late 2017, in which the project I was brought on for has since completed (in other words, I worked on the project and fulfilled my duties)… and I’m onto another project (public trust), and two days ago I got a call saying based on the level of the clearance I need to do an in person interview… took over a YEAR to get to this point. LOL. Almost has me concerned. Is this par for the course?