MRPT Clearance times

I know the Tier 2-Medium risk public trust is not a clearance, but does anyone know a ballpark figure on how long the investigation takes to find out suitability. No drugs, no arrests, no delinquent debt

This is my timeline so far

Fingerprints submitted Oct 7
Eqip SF-85-P submitted Oct 9
2 credit pulls Oct 9 & Oct 11
First phone subject interview Oct 25- 1 hour and 5 mins
Second phone subject interview Nov 7- 9 mins

It takes as long as it takes. I’ve seen some T2 PT cases go from eQIP to final determination in 3 months. Others 4 or 5, even 6 months.

As for your case - nobody knows. Did you have to make any corrections to your eQIP? Did you send in all of your required security forms?

There are many moving parts to all of this, and the work moves at government speed.

They take even longer when a Subject refuses to do a phone interview - especially when there is no investigator in that area.

Yeah my investigator asked if I wanted to do in person or phone, I said whatever, l offered phone to make it easier on the investigator.

We normally ask by phone because there is no investigator in your area. The calling investigator is normally in a low work area and can be in a different time zone…

My brother in law just took 180 days on the dot for final