Public Trust - SF85P Format Plus Supplement

I have a conditional offer for a contract position with the ATF. The form I filled out was the SF85P Format Plus Supplement. My fingerprints were done 7/2, e-Qip submitted 7/19. I can’t start the job until I get suitability. The recruiter said the process should only take a couple months, but that’s not what I am reading here and on other forums. What is a realistic time frame for it to be completed?

The HR rep basically told me, no news is good news and, in so many words, told me don’t bother asking for an update because they won’t have any. I have never been arrested, never did drugs, I don’t drink, I have good credit (650’s) and I don’t have any collections or defaults. Will the credit pull show up on my credit report as an inquiry?

How much do the references factor in? I ask because I am a content introvert, so I don’t have close friends or acquaintances by choice. I had enough to list, but they aren’t going to have much to share. I am currently unemployed, so can’t have an interview at employment. I was self-employed (only employee) and worked as an IC freelance virtual assistant in the past 5 years, so no coworkers to list and a boss that contacted me through the computer or phone.

It just so happens that I had a pending e-Qip for the SSA, but it was a non-sensitive. That one was submitted 6/29, fingerprints 7/18, and suitability was received 8/9. I was delayed in getting my fingerprints done due to a vacation, so it conceivably could have been faster.


Most recruiters give an estimated timeline that reflects a perfect system. The system is delayed and broken, expect a 3-9 month wait. Some of us are waiting longer. Your credit will be pulled in the beginning of the investigation. You can monitor that if you’d like. Sometimes references are contacted, sometimes they aren’t. It isn’t a deal-breaker if you don’t have solid references, mine were never contacted. It is still better to put a few names even if you aren’t real close. It is best to just expect a long wait, continue on with your life and if/when it happens it should come as a surprise. Otherwise you will wreck your brain trying to figure out how much longer, no one can give you a definite answer. Hope this helps!

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I monitor my credit monthly, and so far, nothing. :unamused: It’s no wonder they constantly are hiring. I’m sure they have more people drop off during the process then stick it out! The position is at the NTC in Martinsburg, WV. Most people out here can’t wait around 3-9 months for a job :frowning: I am fortunate that I don’t have work right this instant. But I know my case isn’t the norm. I can’t imagine how I would manage otherwise. Thanks for your input!

Credit pull is a soft inquiry, won’t show up on Credit Karma, etc.

I order my credit reports through USAA and the reporting agency is Experion. Guess I’ll need to search for a provider that will show the soft pulls too.

Well, without an interview, or references being called, or seeing a soft pull on my credit, I got a call today that I am cleared for suitability. :grinning:
COD: 6/21
Fingerprints: 7/2
e-QIP- 7/19
Suitability - 9/7
50 days total.

suitability is not the final determination, its a basic criminal check first. The real background investigation from your EQIP has not started yet.

How long may it be before they start the real background check after you get your interim? I’ll give my timeline…
COE: 9/18
Now I’m just waiting on my interim so that I can start my position. But I would like to know for a Moderate Public Trust how long after the e-qip is submitted/transmitted back to the agency does the real background checks and everything begin. I’m not worried, just curious. Also if you may have an estimation on how long the wait for an interim is, that would be helpful also. Thank you!

Nobody knows . . . .

The average time for Tier 2 are around 3 to 6 months depending on how complicated the file is. I would guess because it is the holiday time, your wait may be longer, 6 months for interim, 9 months to finish.

This is a guesstimate

Ok, I hope it’ll be sooner but who knows. Thank you!

So here is my timeline…

09/07/18 - Interview
09/17/18 - Accepted Job Offer
10/19/18 - Fingerprints and Background Check
10/25/18 - E-qip Completed and Submitted
11/27/18 - Submitted pymt info on charged off car repo
12/12/18 - Received Interim Public Trust
12/13/18 - Informed of start date of 01/07/19

95 days in total…not too bad of a wait…hope that this will help someone if you are waiting on your interim PT. I know it was hectic for me at times b/c of the timeframe that I was given at the beginning of the process, but I stayed in touch with my Security Officer (she was very understanding and patient and explained as to me as she could) and now the only way to go…is UP!

I had my interview in November, got my offer in November as well and won’t fill out my eQIP until May… with an EOD of 6/9/2019. How does this work? lol

why so long to fill out the eQIP? Offer in November, eQIP in May?

Have you received your final yet?

That is just the process that the OCC uses I guess… and final as in final offer? I have received my offer and it says contingent join a favorable BI. i’m fairly concerned as I was a middle man for some weed for friends in college about three years ago and I worry this could screw me… but not even sure how it would work since I literally have a month (if they open up the eQIP ON May 1) until I’m supposed to start my job (Orientation date is set for June 9th(.

Did you report that you sold and distributed marijuana? You should have, and if you did your chances of passing are zero.

As I said, I haven’t filled out any forms yet.