Public Trust Background Check for Resume

PUBLIC TRUST suitability question (not security clearance): I dont have any financial/drugs/criminal history but I EXAGERRATED on resume.
What happens if SF85P not matches with resume, I combined 2 work exp into 1 company to look better/avoid gap etc
My HR mentioned that it is mainly for Financial/criminal check and it is very basic check. I really want this job but I made a mistake of lying/exaggerating in the resume.
Few of my jobs were contract small time or volunteer jobs so I essentially put them as continuous work. For ex: Comp A I worked from 2022 Jan to Dec 2022, and then Comp B I worked for Feb 2023 to Aug 2023. So in resume I put I worked for comp A from Jan 2022 to Aug 2023.
What should I do? I was planning to write everything truthfully in form SF85P if they ask me to fill it out, but does it cancel my employment or decline my background check. Or can I keep it same as my resume as my previous manager are saying they can reply email or calls and confirm on the exaggerated date if needed, but then my payroll would not be able to be verified or if they reach HR of the previous employers instead of the reference info i provided.

Stop lying. Stop asking companies to lie for you. Goodness gracious it’s not that hard to tell the truth when you’re being judged on trustworthiness.


What Investigator721 said. Stop lying. Put accurate dates on your SF85P. When they ask about the discrepancy between the resume and the form, come clean and say why you listed it differently on your resume.

What happens when it doesnt match resume and the form?

if it’s different date in form and resume, is it an automatic denial in public trust background check?

is it an automatic denial?

As the others have already said, probably not as long as you explain it fully. TBH, I would be more worried about your hiring company’s HR than the investigators. If HR is not aware of this yet and they see it, they are more likely to take action.

HR of previous jobs will be contacted because they are the ones who provide the employment record. The sources will be contacted for personal testimony. The record will be obtained verbatim as it has been recorded in the company’s database. Quite frankly my spidey sense is tingling that you have actually discussed lying with previous employers and them covering for you… that is literally the behavior that warrants a denial and rightfully so. If the employer send the resumé in with your security questionnaire and orders a review, then the investigator will compare the résumé to your answers and discuss discrepancies.