SF-85P clearance issues

If I look subjectively I think based off the issues below I probably will not be eligible for a sf-85p level 6 clearance but I thought I would ask anyways.

I worked at a company from 2013-2018. In 2015 I was planning on leaving the company but my manager offered me the ability to work part time. I told her I was leaving because I found another job but I did not end up getting that job however the company has a form you have to fill out if you are working somewhere else. I lied and indicated I was working somewhere else when in fact I was not. I worked part time for this company until 2018 when I came back full time for a few months. I resigned in 2018 due to health issues. In 2019 I asked to come back and was directed to provide my resume. I told my boss I was working between 2018-2019 after I left the company so I put 2 fake jobs on my resume. I did not have a background check as I was a rehire so I did not have to submit background check information through a background check company but I did lie on my resume regarding the company’s I worked.

My second issue is that in 2015 I was charged with aggressive driving which is a misdemeanor in my state. It was eventually reduced to a traffic infraction and erased from my record.

Based on the above situations, do I even have a remote chance of clearing a public trust or should I not even bother and just wait it out until the reporting time frame (7 years for public trust) has passed?

So . . . You lied on a resume and got a ticket for aggressive driving? I suspect that you will be just fine unless there is more to either story.