eQip Public Trust SF 85-P - Need help in Filling the form

Wanted to know what to fill, Currently working on 2 Fulltime Jobs in W2 in the private companies during the Covid time and also started a new federal contract through the agency. Eventually I need to leave both of them to continue here after the background is clear. My question is

  1. Two W2 jobs are working till date, one started in last Jan 2021 and other one started in July 2021.

  2. Now i started work in one of the agency through the fortune 100 company with one middle vendors in between as a independent contractor through my S-Corp company

My question is

  1. Now i tried to fill the SF85-P Public Trust form. What to fill the employment
    Two Fulltime W2 in IT Sector and Federal Contract started 2 months back as a Contractor ( Background Public Trust has to clear to continue).

  2. Is it legal to work in 2 places I entered all jobs. is it going to be denied the SF-85-P background. Before that i worked for only one company for 8 years.

Please advice any good attorney to consult before submitting for the background. it is a first time and very exhaustive questionnaire I never imagined.

Yet to submit and first time submission.


List the three employments as overlapping. You might have to explain how you work all three jobs at the same time. There would be no concern unless you are fraudulently double billing time somewhere.

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Investigator here. Just report your employments truthfully. It’s not a problem if you have multiple jobs. You will just have to explain the overlap. No need for an attorney.

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As long as you were not “on the clock” for more than one at the same time during your workday it is not a problem.

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