SF-85 Public Trust Employment History questions

Greetings Experts!

I have applied for the Public Trust job and am working on SF-85. Unfortunately, instructions are not very helpful :(. Hoping someone knows the answer.

In 2019, I was approved for public trust. Past 5 years, I have switched to 5 companies as full-time W-2 employee (mainly left due to no work/lay-off/better pay but have no negative job history, stellar credit etc.).

I need clarification on how should I document my employment history specifically, employment type and supervisor info related questions in SF-85.


  1. In 2019, I was hired full-time (W-2) via an IT staffing company X and placed on a project team for company Y who is a federal contractor for IRS. I had to submit SF-85 for public trust and was approved in 2019.

In this scenario,

  1. What should be ‘Employment Type’ form below? Is my hiring company consider ‘Federal Contractor’?
  • Active military duty stations:
  • National Guard/Reserve
  • U.S.P.H.S. Commissioned Corps
  • Other Federal employment
  • State Government (Non-Federal employment)
  • Self-employment
  • Unemployment
  • Federal Contractor
  • Other
  1. I had to go to the IRS location for work which was different than the Company X and Y. Do I need to specify IRS address, or my hiring company X address will suffice as work location?

  2. Do I need to provide my supervisor information who was from Company Y (through which I was working on IRS project) or should I provide my hiring company HR information? It’s hard to maintain supervisor information who may not work with company Y anymore where as HR info/contact can be consistent.

  3. For employment verification, how do I specify HR contact info since form asks only for Supervisor info?


The time employed by the staffing agency will be listed as a separate employment from the time you were hired full time by company by company x

List employment staffing agency as non-government employment

Employer address is staffing agency address and worksite location (sounds like this is company y) is physical location worked at. Supervisor is on site supervisor.

Next list the dates employed by company x
List as federal contractor
Employer List address where employment records are kept, like headquarters or HR
Worksite location will be company Y
Supervisor is onsite supervisor

Employer address and employer phone number is where the employment record gets scheduled. If you have HR info and that is who has the record then you can put that there. You can also put additional contact info you have in the comment box if you have more to give.

Work location is always going to be where you physically reported to.

Thanks HR2C. Here are more details:

Company X (Staffing Agency - non-government employment)
Date: 1/2020 - 6/2020
I was hired full-time (W2) by Company X
My paycheck came from this company X
Placed me to Company Y to work on Company Y client (IRS) project
Company Y (Federal contractor)
Date: 1/2020 - 6/2020
Company Y retained my services as Company X employee to work on IRS project
Company X bills company Y for my services
I do not get paid by Company Y directly
Supervisor is from Company Y
IRS (Fed Entity)
Date: 1/2020 - 6/2020
Worked on project at IRS location under Company Y
Supervisor from Company Y worked with me on-site here

Does this mean I have 2 employment record now for Date: 1/2020 - 6/2020.

  1. One for hiring company X from where I got my pay check, lit HR contact as supervisor
  2. One for company Y (Fed Contractor) who was billed by my hiring company X for providing my services. My concern is I am not employed/not getting pay check from company Y then can it be called as my employer?


You are employed first by the staffing agency then by the federal contractor not by the IRS. The IRS is the work location.

Example: I am a background investigator. The government contracts out their investigations. I am a federal contractor. I do not work FOR the government I am contracted BY the government. I am employed by my contracting company, CACI. I do not get money from the government for my work, CACI gets money from the government for my work, I get money from CACI. All HR questions and issues would go through CACI as my employer and not the government. My employment record is with CACI as my employer. Hope that helps.