How is past employment verified for a SF-85, Tier 1

I think my verification is a SF-85, not the more in depth one. Do they call for employment info or send a letter? Also, what sort of questions are on there? I worked at a large hospital and I don’t know how mail gets routed to the HR department and I don’t know if they would return it quickly and I also don’t know if I’m considered to ever be rehired due to issues with my supervisor so I’m really nervous and worried I may not have disclosed enough info when quickly filling out my forms.

Employers not being responsive is not a new obstacle for the investigative process and not something you should worry about. The investigators will deal with it. Generally, one issue in a person’s life does not prevent them from obtaining a clearance (with the exception of lying in a Federal investigation - that includes a clearance investigation).

Its a tier 1. No clearance necessary. What assistance can i give the investigator with this common issue. Thanks.

Just provide the information required on the SF85/86 forms - Employer name (company name), address, and phone number. If your job location was different than the employer address, you have a field for a job location. You also list your supervisor’s name, address, phone, and email address. If you need to explain anything further you can do so during the interview.

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Who is the form addressed to at the company? the company headquarters and or job locations

I’m currently getting a secret clearance. They sent very short questionnaires where you fill in the bubbles. I know because I received one, having listed myself as a supervisor for periods I drove for Uber/Lyft.

The questionnaire asks:

  1. How you separated from the company/organization, including termination, voluntary resignation, resignation en lieu of termination, etc.

  2. Whether you represent a security concern, and it lists a number of options, like drug use, alcoholism, misuse of technology, poor behavior, etc. It also gives an option for the person to write in their concerns or request that they be contacted to discuss their concerns.

  3. Whether they recommend you for a security clearance, which is a yes or no prompt.

I was terminated from a position after only 33 days back in late 2019. I am currently suing them, so I included a copy of my complaint and the organization’s answer as exhibits to my SF-86. That said, my direct supervisor – the one who gave me my termination letter and signed it – recommended me for a clearance, having apologized for firing me under false pretenses.

If you’re worried about a specific supervisor, contact someone in your chain or command or a close coworker and ask them to sign an affidavit as to your performance/conduct. DCSA are not dumb to the fact that there are bad supervisors, and some supervisors have seeds to sew.

Their concerns are 1) is there a pattern of terminations or poor performance evals; and 2) did any termination or poor performance eval arise out of misuse of technology or theft of materials.

If you’re concerned as to whether your employer/former employer will respond, call them and ask them if they received it. Ask them to return it immediately. Tell them its time sensitive.

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