How is past employment verified for a SF-85, Tier 1

I think my verification is a SF-85, not the more in depth one. Do they call for employment info or send a letter? Also, what sort of questions are on there? I worked at a large hospital and I don’t know how mail gets routed to the HR department and I don’t know if they would return it quickly and I also don’t know if I’m considered to ever be rehired due to issues with my supervisor so I’m really nervous and worried I may not have disclosed enough info when quickly filling out my forms.

Employers not being responsive is not a new obstacle for the investigative process and not something you should worry about. The investigators will deal with it. Generally, one issue in a person’s life does not prevent them from obtaining a clearance (with the exception of lying in a Federal investigation - that includes a clearance investigation).

Its a tier 1. No clearance necessary. What assistance can i give the investigator with this common issue. Thanks.

Just provide the information required on the SF85/86 forms - Employer name (company name), address, and phone number. If your job location was different than the employer address, you have a field for a job location. You also list your supervisor’s name, address, phone, and email address. If you need to explain anything further you can do so during the interview.

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