SF85 employer verification

I appreciate your expertise. You are a help to the forum. My question related to not being aware of the full facts/durations of several very short jobs ( couple months). I was worried about the accuracy of my form. It’s been relayed by some people, under the moniker, that investigators use SSN and/or tax returns to update information not seen on the sf85.
I’m also not seeing a huge difference between sf86 and 85. The INV form is pretty comprehensive.

I’m not sure what forms you are looking at but the 85 and 86 are not the same. Are speaking about the 85P?

just sf85, tier 1. im also getting a lot of hr dpt. from previous employers saying they will only fill out directory info on the form, such as dates, titles.
Does the form, I believe INV 41 go to supervisor or HR or both? Most large companies use Thomas Company for verifications and they are just forwarded there from HR if sent to the private job site.
What happens when this happens?

The too many questions troll is at it again.

You don’t need to be concerned about any of this. Investigators are well trained and versed in obtaining information.