Employment Dilemma - Need Clarity for SF85 Form

I’m working to provide info on my employment history, but not sure which is best approach, given I’ve been independent contractor for past six years. Question ask for last five (5) years only, during which time:

– 3 years, independent contractor, and contracted separately for two companies
– 2 years, paid thru personal LLC, but mainly I was contracted by firms as independent consultant.
– 3 mos had FT job, while I still held an consultancy contract with one of 2 firms above.

In essence, I’ve been “self-employed” during this whole time, right?
(plus the 3 mos job)

a) Should I mention all the firms, and supervisors, as separate jobs, which would accord to my resume?
b) Should I say I was self-employed for all these years, and give explanation of the firms, companies, for which I worked?

Thank you!

Where were you physically located? If you were on-site at the client’s facility and supported their operation more or less like a regular employee and had a ‘supervisor’ at the client company, I’m pretty sure you will need to list those clients as if you were an employee, especially if you were there for any length of time (30 days?).

At least that would be the answer for investigations using the SF-86, where they would want to have the contact info to go do interviews if they felt it was necessary. But I don’t know if they even do field work for the SF-85.

Thanks for your note.

Yes, I see your point on having the references and more than 30 days. As I was considered by employer as an independent contract, I was going to put the date range, list as a self-employed (not “other”), and then put the company name of the employer where I held the contract. Does this make sense?

There are only two firms, so I would put two “self-employed” entries, with the firm names listed and specific dates. Any other suggestions?

I’m not an investigator, just somebody who’s been investigated a lot. Also I have never had the public trust investigation.

It sounds reasonable to me, let’s see if anybody else chimes in.

Thank you. FYI this is for a “non-sensitive” position, thus SF85 only.