SF85P - 3 Jobs total - filling SF85P - do I have to list all jobs ? Any issues with this?

Hello, I have a quick question.

I am working as a Software Developer in Company A. I got another offer in Company B as Software Developer. Both are full time employers. I have an LLC where I work as software contractor for company C (this is contracting for LLC company. They send me 1099 at the end). Ideally I am working for 3 companies (2 full time and one contracting). All are work from Home.

Company B (full time) is asking me fill SF85P to get clearance ? The following questions I have:

  1. Do I have to show all 3 jobs on the application ?
  2. Is there any problem when investigator calls all my employers and my employers will findout that I am working on other jobs ? will is cause any issues with all my employers ?
  3. If I don’t mention other jobs, it is not fair right as per the instructions on SF85P … I have some penalties/ permanent issues with employment etc not sure what all issues will be there ?
  4. Did anyone was in similar situation and what are the ideas they can give me ? What should I do ?
  5. or don’t fill SF85P and leave the company B ?
  6. any other things I should take care ?
  7. Don’t want any troubles…

Appreciate your help on this.

  1. Yes, You need to show all three jobs-even the self-employment. Not listing all three is lying (perjury) to the Federal government.
    2, We don’t tell your employers about the other employers.
  2. Yes, you will be committing perjury when you sign the declaration at the end of the SF85P that all information is complete and true.
  1. People have more than one jobs. The issue is an honesty issue if you are not working the hours you report because you are splitting your day with the different employers,
  1. That is up to you.
  2. This i unknown.
  3. There are no troubles as long as you are not fraudulently charging time (Time card fraud is illegal)

You were not clear if your problem is that the different employers don’t know about each other or if you are fraudulently charging the same hours to two to three employers.

The first is not an issue with us. The second is a huge issue with us.


Thanks so much for your help. SF85P is public trust clearance. Is it basic level of clearance or high level please ?

They are saying they are initiating Tier 2 level background investigation. Not sure which level it’s. Please let me know.

Why do you care if it is basic or high level?

backgdinvestigator already told you to fill out the SF-85P honestly and completely, that is all you have to do.

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The tier of investigation shouldn’t make any difference to the person being investigated, other than which form you have to fill out. I guess one way it could possibly make a difference is if you get a new job in the next couple of years: if it requires a different “tier” they may not be able to use the existing investigation.

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@just_like any update on your background investigation? Did you successfully filled sf85P for employer B?