Question sf 85p and resume

Hi, I am preparing for my sf 85p and wanted advice from some people as I do so.

I have discovered, when pulling my tax information together that I still owe some state taxes I have yet to be contacted about. (I am not so worried about this because Im just sending out the checks in full today).

More troublesome though is I think I have an inconsistency in my resume which I swear is innocent. I don’t know how much of a worry I should have or how I should rectify the situation if need be.

For about a year I was working as an independent contractor, and traditionally, in my resume to other jobs I just list the people to whom the work was being submitted in the same space I usually list employer. The logic has always been that people are interested in who my client was and I had no better place to put it. I usually talk about it in my interview. Without even thinking about it I did the same in my resume for this job. In one specific case the people who I listed, and submitted my work to, weren’t even the people who paid me. I did all the work described, and I have verifiers for each job, I’m just worried about the inaccuracy of employer, how much of a black mark it may be.


You should list on the SF85P that you are an independent contractor, a verifier who can vouch for you, and in the remarks section you should explain how you listed the employment on the resume’. It may still be an issue when they compare your employment history on the SF85P vs. the resume’, especially of the resume’ impacted the hiring process, but at least you are out in front of it if a letter of interrogatory is issued.

Thanks Marko! Ive spoken with my old boss and my future boss and they both assure me this was not a deciding factor in my hiring. I just have no sense of what is a big deal on this sort of thing or not. I will follow your advice. The kicker here, i did an sf 85 4 years ago for sed older boss and i have no idea what i did then.