TSO job submitted SF86 missing several employers

2 months ago I had an interview for a TSO job the airport,I passed test at testing center,had a medical exam and fingerprints ,all I’m waiting for is the sf86 it was submitted nov 27 but during a searh for my taxes I found old transcripts from 2005-2007 with several employers I must have only worked at a couple days and walked out,over the course of 2 yrs maybe 7-8,I wasn’t trying to hide anything I just honestly couldn’t remember what couple years I had a rocky history and what places during that time I walked out on after 2 days,I just remember my early 20s I had crappy work ethic,I didn’t realize it was within the 10yr frame,now they aren’t on there and I only have w2s with the yr not dates employed plus now If I call the lady that’s does the hiring to try and fix it she won’t want to hire me anyways because job hopping from 8 yrs ago?? I know it’s best to disclose all info and I didn’t intentionally not disclose anything but at this point I think I’m in a lose lose situation and I should give up on the job all together because if I don’t call and try to list 8 employers they will reject me and if I do call about them they will change their mind about offering me a job?What should I do?

Sounds like u have problemd buddy. Sf86 asks for all employers. Ignorance is invalid excuse.