Missed employment on SF086

Hello All,

I am new to the clearance world, and I been at my current job for 22 years. I meat with my investigator recently and was going through my SF-86 and we got to the employment history where is says List all of your employment activities, including unemployment and self-employment, beginning with the present and working back 10 years and I and forgot to put my down my side business ( which I did tell the investigator about) and I was asked to give a reference which I did, I tried reaching out to that person and there phone number is not working for what ever reason, will it be a wise to reach out to my investigator and give another reference? I have not done any business in the last 3 years or so… I have an interim and will start my new job in the near future will this stop me from getting my T/S by forgetting to add my side business and my reference phone not working? Any advice/info will help

I’m guessing with me not getting any responds in the last 24 hr. from my post that I’m worried about nothing

Yup, exactly, not an issue.

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That portion of the form could be worded better. Trying to run jobs and periods of employment back 10 years with dates lining up can be a turd. A side job worked simultaneously ? No real clear spot to insert, and many miss them. If you get a follow up interview, bring it up.