Void in my employment history, am I in limbo?

I currently have an SF 86 tier 2 investigation in the fourth month.

I told the investigator during the interview about a four month. With an employer that I forgot about

I held this employer briefly after the military and then went overseas with a contract and lost contact with virtually everyone within that company. Every one that I know has either left that company no longer has the original phone numbers. Supervisors co-workers Etc.

I would make an educated guess and say that this process will be dragged along until the maximum time frame. First question is that correct? Second question if they are not able to contact these people will my position be denied? Thank you

Are you saying you left it off the form and only brought it up during the subject interview? That might raise some red flags in and of itself. Not saying it is a problem but these sorts of discrepancies tend to attract attention.

As far as the employment itself, I myself worked at a place where the office closed and people went to other branches. I put down the contact info that was current as of when I left. I’ve never been asked for additional info about that employment, so it should not be a problem UNLESS they dig up some other info that tells them they need to look into it.

So as long as you did not set fire to the building :face_with_raised_eyebrow:or get arrested for beating somebody up while you worked there :roll_eyes: it should not be a problem

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Thank you, do you think it will effect the ETA of the adjudication?

It might slow them a day or three while they try to track it down but not significantly unless they do find it and there is record of bad behavior, etc. Then it becomes an issue of concealment.