Not sure what to do

I am currently in adjudication for a TS SCI clearance. I submitted SF86 in July. I had my subject interview in August. During this time I was working at restaurant which I listed on my SF86. I graduated college in 2018. However, in October I took a job at a consulting firm. I told my BI I was considering taking it and would let him know if I do. He told me “no need” over text. I have been working at the consulting firm for 9 months now. It did not require me to change my address so I have not informed the investigators. Should I? If I get an FJO will they be upset when I do tell them?

You don’t need to tell investigator. Just update your recruiter and that is fine. Investigator just verifies SF86. I’ve change jobs a few times and just a simple email to recruiter was all that’s needed.

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What is the risk of me just not telling them until I get the FJO? I took the job after the subject interview. I hear they dont investigate matter post-interview unless you get arrested or something extreme like that. I dont really have a recruiter. It is for an IC position. I have one phone number which I can call to get an update on the status of my application. Thanks.

Call em and tell them, they most likely wont even update the investigators sf86 and cause any issues st the new place. But not telling them may be lack of candor and be worse

Call that number and let them know you changed jobs and ask if you need to update. I am also processing for same IC agency. I get calls every few months saying I am still processing and that is my contact person. If you just let them know, they will get you in contact with the correct person to update. They do document your changes but don’t really check into it. They will not contact your new employer and do not need references for it. I do believe you provide your supervisor but they will not contact.

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You do not report non issue events that happen after your Subject interview.

You will report the new employer on your next SCA.

Good Luck.

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Is this for a direct-hire government job with an IC agency? If so, they may have you fill out a form during in-processing to report any changes since your last security interview. But it is really nothing to worry about (unless, say, you got fired for embezzlement and got one two steps ahead of the sheriff)

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Thank you. Yes it is a direct hire. I have no problem waiting to tell them at my next investigation. However, I currently work at a prestigious management consulting firm. My most recent experience on my SF86 was a position at a restaurant while I was in college. Would them seeing my current role boost my chances?

I don’t think it would boost your chances… you already got the job offer… but it is possible (and I repeat: possible) that you could negotiate a higher step if it takes them a while to complete your security processing and all that time you’ve been gaining experience in a more demanding job performing at a higher level, especially if the experience is at all relevant to the position you are in process for.

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Did they instruct you to update them on any job or residence changes? If its requested you update them, update them. Worst case, they file it, and forget about it, best case it shows interest and compliance with rules and helps but $$$ in Fjo.