Do new investigations see updated SF86?

Hi All,

I was undergoing an investigation for a top secret clearance and then withdrew from the process because I decided to accept another job. However, given the lengthiness of the application process I decided that I do want to apply again to one of the agencies in hopes of working in intelligence eventually. My only problem is I am worried because after I submitted my original SF86, I made multiple changes with the investigator and before my first polygraph. These consisted of mainly extending a date and adding foreign contacts as I didn’t fully understand that question.

If I received another conditional job offer and submitted a new SF86, would the new investigators and adjudicators only be able to see the original SF86 I submitted without the changes? I don’t want to be denied a clearance because it looks like I was trying to hide information when I changed everything as soon as I could. I also got along really well with my investigator, but I thought I saw that agencies did not share background investigations with each other. Thanks for your help.

We don’t update the forms after the interview. If you remember the information that was brought up during the interview, definitely put it down on the form. The form might autofill the information from your old application, just read through it carefully and update as needed.